I’ve been tasked… execution (2/2)

Continued from.. I’ve been tasked… execution (1/2)

It feels so soft, I thought. Instantly I realized that I should just speak my thoughts out loud.
“It’s so slippery,” I said, “so soft.”
Master T. gave me a thumbs up. I was quiet again for quite some while. Master T. motioned for me to speak again. It took another few seconds before I could think of something to say.
“I love the slippery feeling of my breasts,” I said as I grabbed my breasts and felt my hands slip off them.
I poured some more oil and rubbed it over my body. The front of my body was glistening with oil. My shoulders, my breasts, my tummy, my thighs and my pussy. I put the bottle of oil aside and ran both my hands over my body. Over my breasts and down to my pussy lips. I kneaded my outer labia. My fingers slipped off them, but it felt so good.

I reached for the vibrator and slowly pushed it into my pussy. I made sure that I did not block any views from the camera when I pulled my legs out from under me and supported myself with one hand behind me. My other hand worked the vibrator in and out of me.
“Mmm this feels so good,” I said.
I pushed the vibrator deeper.
“Nice and deep inside me,” I spoke again.
In and out the vibrator moved. I spoke some more… I cannot really remember all that I have said. I loved the feeling of the vibrator deep inside me. I changed positions. I turned around with my ass to the camera and trapped the vibrator upright between my body and the bed. I moved my ass up and down, fucking the vibrator.

This was not the position in which I would reach an orgasm and neither was it a favorable position to speak into the camera, which was part of my task. I turned around again, my legs in front of me and this time I trapped the vibrator between my foot and my pussy. Bucking my hips I allowed the vibrator to move in and out of me. One hand still supported me. The other found its way to my clitoris. I needed extra stimulation if I wanted to have an orgasm. The oil made it difficult to really stimulate my clitoris. I need to feel some pressure on it, to feel the friction between my fingers and my button. I had to work very hard. I moved the vibrator in and out and kept on changing the position of my fingers, trying to find the best position.

“Mmm I would have loved for someone to fuck me right now,” I said, “to feel another hand than my own on my body.”
I made sure to look in the camera when I orgasmed, because that was part of the task.

By then I was hornier than when I started and not in the mood to stop yet. I asked Master T. whether I was allowed to use my white vibrator. He knew what this meant. I use the white vibrator only for anal stimulation. Master T. handed me my white vibrator. I put the vibrator on the bed and turned on my side. My ass was in full view of the camera. I reached for the bottle of baby oil again and rubbed a fair amount of oil on my buttocks and between them. I took the vibrator in the same hand, which was slippery from the oil. The tip of the vibrator moved up and down between my buttocks until I let it stop at my entrance. Slowly I started to push it in. I was surprised when, despite the oil, it did not slip right into me. I pulled it out and then pushed it back in again. This time it slipped in without any resistance from my body.

I moved the vibrator in and out a couple of times, then turned around and got onto my knees. Again the vibrator was trapped between my body and the bed. This was something I have done many times before, and I loved it. Fucking my ass with the vibrator by moving my hips and then eventually rubbing my clitoris.
“Mmm I love to feel something in my ass,” I spoke again, even though technically my task was already done. I mean, no one has said anything about anal stimulation, but since I knew how much Master T. loves to shoot sexy images of me and hey, I was horny…

I postponed touching my clitoris as long as possible, knowing that an orgasm would follow quickly. I was wrong. It took longer than I anticipated once I started rubbing my clitoris. I moved up and down on the vibrator, enjoying the feeling of fucking myself with it, and my fingers moved swiftly on, over and around my hard button. Again I looked in the camera when I climaxed, feeling every fiber of my body tense as I did.

Master T. held me afterward. He told me that He was very happy with how I have executed the task. He even asked me if I was a natural talent! This made me feel shy and I actually started acting like a little girl.
“Ah, the little girl is back, but you did so well, that she is allowed to come out for a while,” He said as He pulled me closer to kiss me. This was such a sweet and tender moment!

The next day Master T. sent the video to M.
“You will receive additional instructions soon, to round this off,” Master T. said that evening. I waited.

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