I’ve been tasked… execution (1/2)

On the day that I had to perform the task that M. has set for my, I read his instructions several times. I wanted to be sure that I got it right. And yes, I was nervous. Earlier in the day I made a stupid joke about me being nervous. Master T. looked at me with a strict face and told me that He did not want to hear another joke coming from me. Oh believe me, many times during the day I thought about making a joke, but I did not.

When I walked into the bedroom Master T. was waiting. The tripod was out and so was the camera and the video camera. But He had also put out two collars for me as well as my purplish pink vibrator. I was naked, wearing only my new high heeled shoes. Master T. told me to sit down on the stool in front of my dressing table and to wait. He wanted to film it when He collared me. This was an additional requirement that M. had added to my task a couple of days after I had sent him my acceptance e-mail. Another additional requirement was that he wanted me to wear my anal hook all through the task, but Master T. decided that the hook will go in and then come out before I use the vibrator.

After my collar was put around my neck, Master T. wanted me on my hands and knees, on the bed. Cold lubricant was poured in my crack and with His fingers He spread a generous amount around my asshole. To make sure that I was well lubricated, He slipped a finger inside me several times. More lubricant was poured and that too was spread out. Slowly the anal hook was slipped into my ass. This felt good. I knew that I was very wet, but I kept quiet. My silence was broken when Master T. tied the hook to my collar using rope. He pulled it tight. My back arched. He complimented on my posture, but I moaned that it was very uncomfortable. I could not move. The hook kept me in the same position and my legs started to get tired. I cannot sit on my legs for long at the best of times, let alone when forced into such a position. I started moaning. I did not feel proud of myself, but the discomfort really was too much. Master T. had a strict voice when He told me that He would soon untie me. At that moment I knew very well that His definition of soon and my definition of soon are two totally different things.

I felt tears stinging my eyes when at last He untied me. Actually, at that moment I really did not want to get on with the task at hand. I did not feel in the mood for it anymore. But of course I also knew that it was not about what I wanted. I had a task to perform and I knew there was no way to get out of it. Master T. Was incredibly kind to me after He had untied me and slowly and carefully pulled the hook from my ass. He held me and calmed me and held me some more. Soon I was smiling again and the hurt and discomfort was forgotten. He told me to sit on the side of the bed, close to the foot board.
“I think you have deserved an orgasm,” He said as His hand moved towards my wet pussy. He moistened His fingers with my juices and then rubbed it over my clitoris. Soon I orgasmed. Twice.

Master T. busied Himself with the video camera. He pointed it directly at my face and told me to keep on looking into the camera. I heard the beeps as the recording started. I do not like looking into the camera, but since I did not want to fail my task, I kept my eyes open. Not all the time. The moment Master T.’s fingers touched my clitoris, my eyes closed. But I frequently opened them to look in the camera and I made sure to look in the camera when I climaxed. His fingers did not stop. They kept stimulating my clitoris and brought me to another orgasm while I looked at the video camera.

“It’s time for you to play with oil,” Master T. said.
I got up, my legs feeling a bit shaky after the orgasms. I put a towel on the bed and then covered it with a special table cloth that I have purchased a couple of days earlier. I did not want the oil to mess up our bed linen and since we were confined to the bedroom for this, I needed to put something on it to protect it from the oil. At first I thought that I would stand and rub my body with oil, but I chose to just sit on the bed. This time I sat on my legs again, but since I was not restrained by rope and could frequently change the position of my legs, they did not hurt as bad as earlier in the evening.

I poured the oil on my breasts. It ran down over my nipples and I slowly start to rub it in. I looked at the camera, but not directly. I sort of had my head down and only looked in the direction of the camera, moving my eyes up towards the lens. I was feeling uncomfortable, not knowing whether what I was doing was right. I just hoped that this would be good, that I would be able to stop my mind from thinking and just do what I was tasked to do. The more oil I poured and the slicker my body became, the less self-conscious I felt. I knew I had to talk and I could not think of anything to say. Nothing. So I just poured more oil and rubbed it in.

To be continued… I’ve been tasked… execution (2/2)

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