Fifty Shades of Red ~ Our second date (5)

This is a detailed description of our second date with Master R. And Dena. No, I do not have such a good memory that I can remember everything this well, but I have been smart enough to make notes during the moments that we were told to rest. Those notes and my memories brings you these posts.

Continued from… Fifty Shades of Red – Our second date (4)

Only fifteen minutes later Master R. beckoned for me to stand up. My hands were tight behind my back in the same harness as earlier in the day. Then Dena was tied in the same way. Rope was tied to the back of the harness and both of us were hoisted onto the hooks again, facing each other. While Master R. was tying us up, Dena and I were talking and smiling. But then we heard the Masters speaking about clamps. Dena’s breasts and nipples are a lot more sensitive than mine. Master T. smiled at us as He stood in between us. I watched as He pinched Dena’s nipples, one by one, and attached the clamps to her nipples. My nipples were next. The chain attached to the four clamps ran between Dena and me. We were again standing on our tip toes, but able to stand with our feet flat. However, I tried to stay close to Dena to not stretch the chain between us and pull on the clamps. I did not want to cause her to hurt more than she already was with the clamps on her nipples.

Master R. started to hit our bottoms and nipples with the flogger. One of the Masters suggested blindfolds. Dena got a full face blindfold and only my eyes were covered. Again the flogger touched us. I tried to stay close to Dena, but now that I could not see her anymore, I had no idea whether I might be pulling on the chain between our nipples. It was very warm in the room, because Dena and I had been walking around naked all day. Apparently this was a bit too much, especially when wearing a full face blindfold. Dena warned her Master that she felt queasy and might faint. I only heard the sounds in front of me. She was untied within seconds . She told Master R. that He should support her, as she did not think she could stand. He helped her to the couch. I waited some minutes, concerned whether Dena was okay. I heard Master R. talking to her. When I heard someone close to me, I asked whether the blindfold could be removed. Master T. removed that and I think He then also removed the clamps from my nipples. Dena was on the couch. Master R. was behind her, untying the rope. Master T. asked her whether she would like some water and she nodded.

Being flogged by Master R.

Luckily Dena was okay. She relaxed on the couch for quite some time. Only once she confirmed to Master R. that she was doing well again, did He beckon for us to stand under the ropes that hung from the beam again. Our hands were tied in front of our bodies and then pulled up into the hooks. Our arms stretched, our feet flat on the floor. We were asked to turn around, facing the wall and curtains. The knife marks were still visible on our backs, as were bruises on our asses. The first that touched our asses was the flogger. Master R. started with Dena, then turned His attention to me. Constantly He alternated between the two of us. Again Dena made very little sound, where as I was more audible than her. Again I did not feel self-conscious about my reactions. I just could not help making the sounds. When Master R. was flogging Dena, I had a chance to collect myself, to calm myself, and to wait and long for Him to continue. I guess Dena felt exactly the same when He was flogging me. At times I tried and managed to stand still and just accept the pain of the flogger, but not for long. Sometimes Master R. stopped and felt whether we were wet. I heard Dena’s wetness when He moved His fingers inside her and I felt my own wetness between my legs.

Being whipped by Master R.

The flogging continued, but I have no idea for how long. The whip was next, then the dragon tail, and maybe even the cane and the riding crop. That is what I think I felt and heard Master R. getting from the tube in which He kept all His implements. Tears were streaming down my face. I was sobbing, but never once did I think about asking Him to stop. Even though it hurt like hell, I did not want Master R. to stop. I wanted to make Him proud. To make my Master proud. And I wanted to be proud of myself. It felt as if the tears set me free. I felt loved by all of the people in the room. I could just be myself, show my emotions, show myself the way I am. Yes, I do get insecure sometimes and wonder whether I am worthy, but just one look at the face of Master T. and I knew I was. Master R. untied our hands. He smiled at me while He was untying my hands. Then He hugged me and I thanked Him. I had no idea how long we were tied and flogged and whipped, but the Masters mention that the session had lasted about half an hour.

Our red asses after a flogging, whipping…
(Dena on the right)

Master T. wanted to make photos of all the marks on our bodies. Dena and I stood together and separate from each other and then we were ordered to kneel, tits on the floor and asses in the air. Dena immediately knew what position she had to be in. I modestly kept my legs together, only to be corrected by Master R. I spread my legs and pressed my chest to the floor as well as I could. We heard the cameras behind us and then felt Master R.’s fingers entering our wetness. More photos were made before we were allowed to rest for some time. Both of us were sitting at our Masters’ feet. Master R. bent forward and grabbed Dena’s breasts, squeezing hard. Master T. ordered me to lie on the floor and to make myself cum. I had spread my legs wide so both Dena and Master R. could watch me while I was masturbating. Not only I was masturbating though. Dena was too, while Master R. pulled her nipples and held her by her throat. Seeing that back on the photos was so damn sexy!

Dena and Master R.


To be continued… Fifty Shades of Red – Our second date (6)

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