Fifty Shades of Red ~ Our second date (4)

This is a detailed description of our second date with Master R. And Dena. No, I do not have such a good memory that I can remember everything this well, but I have been smart enough to make notes during the moments that we were told to rest. Those notes and my memories brings you these posts.

Continued from… Fifty Shades of Red – Our second date (3)

Master R. untied me and told me to go sit with my Master. I walked towards Master T. but He first wanted Dena and me to stand next to each other so He could make some photos of our reddened and bruised asses. The whip and dragon tail had both left red lines on our buttocks, hips and upper legs. And even some on our breasts. While Master T. was making photos of us, I had a thought: I want more. And immediately I declared myself crazy. But seriously, I wanted more. I sat down on the pillow at Master T.’s feet. I could feel the bruising on my ass, even though I could not see it.

After we have rested for some while, Master T. stood up and got something from His toy bag. I heard chains and saw what He had in His hand. He attached the chain around my neck and ordered me to stand up. Clamps were attached – first to my nipples and then to my outer labia. I found myself standing quietly, my hands on my thighs, my legs spread, giving Him full access to my body. The clamps with the magnets that He had used earlier were now attached to the chain between the clamps on my nipples and labia. One by one Master T. added the magnetized weights. Their combined weight pulled at my labia. Master T. fingered me towards a couple of orgasms before He removed the clamps and chains and allowed me to sit at His feet again.

That afternoon we had a conversation about the differences and similarities between our relationships. Master R. and Dena are in a M/s relationship, where Master T. and I identify as being in a D/s relationship. We agreed that the contents of the relationship is much more important than what name we gave it. There are totally different rules in the two relationships. Master R. mentioned that He had noticed that I reacted differently than Dena did. He did not talk only about me being more audible, but also that my breasts are less sensitive than Dena’s. Dena loves to be spanked; she loves the cane. He spoke about how He could feel the muscles in my tummy tightening while He was spanking me the evening before, whereas Dena did the same, but eventually let go and just took it, enjoyed it. I remembered the burning of His hand on my buttocks and did not think that I would be able to just relax and take it, the way Dena did. I still had a long way to go before I would be at that level.

Knifeplay: Dena at top, me at the bottom

While we were having this conversation, Master T. told me to stand and spread my legs. He brought me to three orgasms, using the fairy. Half an hour later He repeated this, and half an hour later He did it again. He repeated it five times in total, in between the other activities. Five times three orgasms, using the fairy. I climaxed quicker and quicker. And harder. In the meantime Master R. and Dena were on the other side of the room. Dena was in a chair, facing the back of a the chair, her back turned to Master R. He had a knife in His hand and started drawing lines on Her back. Over and over again, until the lines turned bright red. He did not break the skin. It did not seem to hurt, since Dena seemed to be very relaxed. I was told to sit down too and Master R. started drawing lines on my back too. There were times when it almost felt as if He was breaking the skin, but I knew He wasn’t. When he drew a line on the same place over and over again, there was a slight burning sensation, but it was not unbearable. While I was having one of my orgasms, Master R. and Dena tried the Lelo Smart Wand. From the sounds she made, I heard Dena having a nice and intense orgasm.

During dinner, Master R. mentioned that He would try the ‘roulade’ (or pork roll as I found here on internet). From the conversation that He and Dena had, I knew they were talking about bondage, but I had no idea at all what was in stall for us. Soon after dinner both Dena and I had to lie down on the floor. Master R. took some rope and gave Master T. the same length too. The rope was tied around our respective middles. Master R. showed Master T. how He had to do it. Next the rope was wound around my right and Dena’s left leg, down to the ankle and back up to our thighs, crossing the rope that was already on there. The next step was to tie pull our ankles towards our thighs. The rope was tied. By pulling our legs up, the flesh between the ropes pulled tight and bulged a bit. What happened next was something I did not expect at all. I thought Master R. was only going to demonstrate to Master T. how to tie the rope and then untie us, but next He demonstrated how Master T. should hit the stretched pieces of skin between the ropes. With a belt. It hurt, a lot. Master R. explained to Master T. that it hurt this much because of the skin being stretched taut.

After we were untied, first Dena, then I received the same treatment from Master R. He had a mini flogger in His hand and with that He whipped our pussy lips. I heard the grunts and moans coming from Dena, but did not look to see what Master R. was doing. When He came to me I had to spread my legs. The pain was excruciating. I moved backwards, but soon my head was pressing against the couch and I could not move away anymore. And all the while the sharp pain continued to shoot through my pussy. Over and over again. I fought the pain. Fought it really hard. And then I let go. I cried and I accepted the pain. This ‘treatment’ did not last long, but was very intense and left both Dena and me with bright red pussy lips. We lay together afterward and just held each other.

Mini flogger treatment: Dena to top left and bottom right / me on top right and bottom left


To be continued… Fifty Shades of Red – Our second date (5)

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