Fifty Shades of Red ~ Our second date (3)

This is a detailed description of our second date with Master R. And Dena. No, I do not have such a good memory that I can remember everything this well, but I have been smart enough to make notes during the moments that we were told to rest. Those notes and my memories brings you these posts.

Continued from… Fifty Shades of Red – Our second date (2)

Master T. woke me the next morning. The evening before Master R. had mentioned that He expected Dena and me to take care of breakfast the next morning. However, because of the late hour He was kind enough to allow us to sleep in a bit. I wanted to turn over and just sleep on, since I had not slept very well. I felt rested, but I was awake a lot during the night, due to the collar around my neck. I went to the lounge to find Dena naked, busy getting stuff ready for breakfast. I was still dressed in the pajama that I had slept in. My body tends to cool off too much at night, always leaving me very cold in winter (and sometimes in summer too). I wish I could sleep naked all year round, but just cannot. Somehow I felt awkward being dressed at breakfast table. Once I have showered, I was naked again. And cuffed. Both Dena and I were seated on the floor, at our Masters’ feet.

Master R. had bought Dena some new sex toys – a Lelo Insignia Tiani 2 and a Lelo Smart Wand. He wanted to try the toys. Dena was already wearing the Tiani 2 and was happy with it. Later she tried the magic wand and it brought her to orgasm. It was in that moment that Master T. ordered me to lie down on the ground, on my stomach. Without hesitation I did. He hogtied me. Soon I felt the fairy pressing against my clitoris. I had several orgasms, the last of them the most violent, since Master T. has turned the toy to one of its higher settings. I was breathing violently, trying to catch my breath. I felt tired, sleepy. Content. Master T. untied the hogtie and I stayed on the floor, trying to get my breathing to return to normal. When my breathing slowed down, Master T. beckoned me to stand on my knees in front of Him. He put the fairy against my clit and I climaxed again. He pinched my still painful nipples, making me wince and trying to pull away. His grip was strong and hurtful. Only after I have climaxed once more He released me and told me that I could rest. I quietly sat on the pillow at His feet.

The two Masters started comparing the different clamps they had. Master T. got out the clamps we have where you can click magnets onto it, to make it heavier. I had to stand so He could demonstrate the clamps. The clamps weighed down heavily with all the magnets attached to it.
“Spread your legs,” He said, “and put your hands on your back.”
I obeyed. The fairy found it’s way to my clitoris again. Once, twice, three times. It was put aside and Master T. continued to finger me and rub my clitoris. I climaxed again. The clamps were removed. He turned me around and spanked me on my buttocks a couple of times. It was then that I felt that there indeed was some bruising from the night before. That morning just as I woke up, Master T. made a photo of my bruises, using my phone. I knew what it looked like, but it was only when He slapped me that I felt the bruising. Once again I was allowed to sit on the pillow at His feet and rest.

We watched as Master R. swung another rope over the beam on the ceiling. Another carbine hook was attached. The twin ropes were ready for whatever the Masters had in mind. And soon us ladies were about to find out what they had in stall for us. Dena was beckoned by Master R. He tied her into a harness, her hands behind her back. Another rope was attached to the rope on her back and the other end was looped through the carbine hook. Master R. pulled the rope until Dena was standing on her tip toes. She could lower herself onto her feet, but then her arms were pulled up behind her back. It was not a comfortable position and apparently this was exactly what Master R. had in mind.

From where I sat at Master T.’s feet, I watched Master R. and Dena. He started with the flogger, touching her ass over and over again. Dena made almost no sound. I admired how brave she was and I felt the nervous sweat in my hands, suspecting and actually knowing that I would be next. I looked up at Master T. and He just smiled at me. There was something in His eyes that took away any doubt I might have had that I would be next. I watched how Master R. put the flogger down and got the whip. Dena moaned more audibly when the whip touched her, depending on where and how hard it came in contact with her body. Still, I sat there and wondered whether I would be able to handle it. I wanted it, really wanted it, craved it, and I hoped that I could make both Masters proud. The dragon tail came out next and this too caused Dena to audibly react. I loved to watch how skillfully Master R. handled His implements, but also how caring He was. He stopped frequently and checked on Dena, stood close behind Her or in front of her or felt between her legs how wet she was.

After Master R. had untied Dena, He beckoned me to take her place. Just like with her, he tied me in a harness and then attached ropes to the harness and tied me the same way He had tied Dena. I stood on my tip toes, but could also stand with my feet flat on the ground. This pulled my arms and shoulders up. Master R. used His implements in the same order as He had with Dena. The flogger was first. I quickly realized that I made a lot more sound than Dena. My reactions were much more audible. Where mostly I would have been ashamed and tried to be more quiet, I did not even once consider to react differently. I felt so at ease in the environment I was in and the people I was with. Safe. Loved. Accepted. I could just be me. I was breathing hard and a couple of times Master R. came to stand in front of me. My face rested against his chest. He just stood there and breathed very steadily. It was only the second time that He did it that I realized that He was doing it so I could slow down my own rapid breathing.

Sometimes He stood behind me, His body against mine, His hands on my breasts. It calmed me. The whip followed the flogger and it was much more painful than the flogger. I fought the pain, trying to breath through it. I thought if I concentrated on my breathing, the pain would be less. I fought against the tears, not wanting to cry, but I lost the fight. Tears ran down my cheeks. Somehow, this released some tension in me – just letting go. Master T. was standing close to me and I heard His words.
“I love to see the tears.”
I looked at Him, seeing the approval in His eyes. The dragon tail followed. This hurt too and the tears stayed, but never once did I think about stopping. All I wanted was to submit.

To be continued… Fifty Shades of Red – Our second date (4)

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3 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Red ~ Our second date (3)

  1. The tears are good, they allow submission to go deeper. I take a long time to cry, but the other week my BF made it happen properly for the first time – it worried him until I explained the significance – it totally relaxed me.

    I am enjoying so much reading about your second meeting with Master R and Dena, it seems you have a great relationship developing with both of them.

    ~Mia~ xx

    1. We definitely are developing such a wonderful friendship. I can hardly wait for the next date and all the things we will experience then. I am still amazed at how at ease I am feeling with Master R. and Dena.

      Also, you are so right, the tears indeed relaxed me. I have just not realized that it allows submission to go deeper. Thanks for giving me your view 🙂

      Rebel xox

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