Fifty Shades of Red ~ Our second date (2)

This is a detailed description of our second date with Master R. And Dena. No, I do not have such a good memory that I can remember everything this well, but I have been smart enough to make notes during the moments that we were told to rest. Those notes and my memories brings you these posts.

Continued from… Fifty Shades of Red – Our second date (1)

I lay down across Master R.’s lap. He rubbed lightly over my round ass and the spanking began. Damn, that hurt. My ass burnt and I dug my toes into the carpet to help me cope with the blows. I loved the way He rubbed my ass in between the salvos and I loved both the short and the longer salvos of slaps even though it hurt a lot. At times I could stay still longer before I winced to try and get away from the pain. Not once could I stay as still as Dena eventually did. I really admired her endurance. I too had to feel the dreaded cane on my ass. I still have a love-hate relationship with it. Once Master R. decided that I had enough, both Dena and I had to stand next to each other. Master R. had so much fun demonstrating how He could make the cane touch both our asses in one swing. And that hurt too!

Dena and I were allowed to sit on the couch next to each other after this. I still needed to have ten orgasm to be allowed to take the dreaded clamps off. By then my nipples were very painful with every movement I made. Even if the chain between the clamps moved only a millimeter, I felt it. Dena and I hugged and kissed. She was so very sweet to me, helping me to reach my orgasms. Thankfully they came quite quickly. I slipped down off the couch, getting between Dena’s legs and started to lick her. I ran my tongue up and down her labia and through her wet slit, tasting her. She tasted so very good and it was so nice to have her pussy in front of me once again. I just love licking her, hearing her making sounds and sighing when I sucked her clitoris into my mouth. And I love to hear her orgasm and to know it is my mouth and my fingers that brought her there.

Whenever in this weekend Dena and I were allowed to play, we were both hesitant to start. The reason for this is – we both know – that neither of us like to take the initiative. Both of us prefer to be told what to do. However, when we are together, the men just watch and let us do what we want to do. I believe that the more we are together and as we get to know each other, it will become much easier to just enjoy each others’ bodies without having to think what we should do or whether we are doing it right.

Dena was so sweet to help me get to five more orgasms. She rubbed my clitoris and she also licked it and slipped a finger inside me. I love the feeling of her warm mouth on my clitoris and her gentle licking of my labia. Also her soft touch and her playing with my piercings is so damn hot. Once I had reached the orgasms and was allowed to take the clamps off, she helped me. When those dreaded things came off, my nipples hurt and A burning sensation coursed through them. There were dents in my nipples where the clamps had bitten into the flesh and a couple of days later there was still a tiny blue bruise on my left nipple that was left behind by the clamp. Dena took my nipples into her mouth ever so softly, kissing and licking it until the hurting subsided. We hugged and then sat next to each other on the couch, stroking each others bodies softly and just relaxed.

Master R. pushed a finger into Dena’s cunt, rubbed her clitoris and licked her. Dena sighed and moaned with pleasure. I was surprised to feel Master R.’s fingers on my cunt too, finding my clitoris and then pushing deep into my wetness while He licked Dena’s pussy. His warm tongue on my clitoris was another surprise, one I thoroughly enjoyed. I cannot even remember if He licked me to an orgasm. Or how many orgasms I had – if any – while he was fingering both Dena and me simultaneously. Dena and I just hugged, while we both lay with our legs spread wide for Master R. to use us the way He wanted. He eventually turned His attention to our breasts and nipples, pushing our hugging arms aside to make room for Him. He harshly grabbed a breast in each of His hands, squeezing hard and pinching our nipples. We moaned and sighed as He squeezed and pinched and bit us. Once more He dipped a finger into each of our cunts and as He stood up, He pulled our nipples, stretching one breast of each upwards. Kissing first Dena, then me, He was done.

Dena and I drank some water and then relaxed on the couch next to each other. Master T. came to stand behind us and ran His hands through our hair, caressing us. This felt good and relaxed us even more. Dena asked for permission to and was allowed to go to bed. I was told to lie down on the couch, legs spread wide so Master R. could see how I brought myself to several orgasms before both Masters were satisfied. Master R. went to bed and Master T. told me to sit on the couch next to Him.

“I think it’s time for you to suck me,” He said.
Without a word I bent forward and took His cock, that in the meantime He has taken out of His pants, in my mouth. He was very horny and it did not take Him long to spurt all of His warm semen into my mouth. I swallowed everything and even licked off the last drop that trickled down His penis after I have sat up again. It was half past two before Master T. and I went to bed. I was tired and very curious to what would happen the next day.

I don’t know exactly when Master R. said it, but I think it was somewhere during the course of Friday night that He told me that He was wicked, mean. That he loved being wicked and mean. He said that after he had inflicted some pain and I understood that He enjoyed it. I did and do not mind Him being wicked and mean at all! Just before Dena went to bed that evening, I was told that my ass was bruised after this first evening. I only felt it a bit when I sat down on the bed. It did not hurt a lot, but it was kind of sensitive.

To be continued… Fifty Shades of Red – Our second date (3)

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