Fifty Shades of Red ~ Our second date (1)

A detailed description of our second date with Master R. and Dena. No, I do not have such a good memory that I can remember everything this well, but I have been smart enough to make notes during the moments that we were told to rest. Those notes and my memories brings you these posts.

The day before our next date with Master R. and Dena, I thought that I might be getting sick. I had violent stomach cramps and really panicked, because I just did not want to get sick. It was only hours later, when I was trying to get some medicine for the cramps, that I accepted that I am very nervous about the weekend. Nervous and so damn excited that I could hardly wait for the weekend to start. On Friday morning I had to work and I still did not feel 100%, even though the cramps were gone.

I got home just before 1pm that afternoon. Master T. did not have to work and He was waiting for me when I entered. I gave Him a kiss and a hug and just as I turned away from Him, He spoke.
“Go upstairs, undress and wait for me.”
I obeyed. He came upstairs and put the collar we bought months ago around my neck and told me to put on my new shoes. He wanted me naked and on my new heels. It was nice walking around naked and once I was allowed to get dressed and go downstairs again, I only put on my dressing gown and stayed naked underneath. I could feel myself getting increasingly hornier as we waited until we could leave.

When at last we were in the car, I felt totally at peace with myself. All cramps and nausea was gone. All that remained, except for a healthy dose of nerves, was excitement. Two and a half hours later the four of us arrived at the house we had booked for the weekend. Once the suitcases were inside and in the bedrooms, we got back into the car. Master R. had arranged for us to go to a wellness center that evening. The four of us first had dinner and then Master T. went to sit in another part of the wellness center to read, while Dena, Master R. and I enjoyed the bubbles in a bubble bath, the heat in different saunas and we swam outside, even though it was quite chilly. It was close to 11 when we arrived back at the house.

I had my orders and knew exactly what I had to do once we got back from the wellness center. I went to our bedroom and undressed. Master T. put my new cuffs around my ankles and wrists and the collar I wore earlier that day around my neck. I knew that during the weekend the collar was only going to come off when I had to shower. I would be wearing it even when I slept. My new shoes were on my feet, as Master T. wanted. Just before I left our bedroom Master T. also put the clover clamps on my nipples. Suddenly I felt very self-conscious and nervous. The door to the lounge was closed and I had no idea what to expect on the other side of it. Where was Dena? Was she naked too? Was I the only one who was naked? Was only Master R. in the lounge? I hesitated to go to the lounge, hesitated to open the door. Relief flooded through me when I opened the door and saw Master R. in the recliner with Dena on a pillow at His feet. She was wearing a collar too and Master R. was holding the leash that was attached to it. Instantly my nerves were gone.

I too had to sit at Master T.’s feet and this felt so very right. So many times when at home I had this intense feeling that I wanted to sit at His feet, but since the kids are mostly around, it was almost never possible. This weekend I could sit at His feet as much as I wanted. I hope to find a way to do this at home too occasionally.
As I sat down at His feet Master T. announced that I am allowed to take the clamps off once I have climaxed ten times.

As if we ordered it that way, there was a wooden beam in the ceiling of the room. Master R. got up and threw some ropes over the beam. He attached a big carbine hook to the ropes and looked very pleased that He would be able to tie us up with our hands above our heads. He sat down on the couch, looked at Dena and patted His legs. Dena immediately lay over His lap, her head on the couch next to Him. He started to spank her. It was clear that He was building it up. Sometimes the slaps came in short salvos, sometimes in longer ones. In between the salvos He softly rubbed Dena’s ass. Her ass grew redder and redder. At first it seemed like she was fighting the slaps, but eventually she just relaxed and took them all without moving. I admired her for that. I have never been able to take a spanking like that, mostly because at home it is so difficult to do it because of the noise, and also because I really fight and moan very hard when Master T. spanks me. He doesn’t give up easily then, but He has never spanked me as long as Master R. was spanking Dena there right in front of us. In the end he also used the cane, tapping on her ass softly and then He swiped her a bit harder.

Red asses after the first spanking of the weekend

Master R. allowed Dena to get up and then He looked at me with a smile. He patted His legs and I immediately realized that I was going to get the same treatment as Dena. Would I be able to handle it? I doubted myself for a small moment, but not long enough to even try to back out. Actually, backing out was not even a thought that came into my head. Before the weekend Master T. had already told me that He expected of me to do whatever I am told, and I was sure as hell going to make Him proud of me. When I mentioned that the nipple clamps might hurt a lot when I lie across Master R.’s lap, Master T. said that it was my own fault that I did not ask permission to masturbate and bring myself to orgasm while Dena was being spanked. The clamps could have been removed even before the spanking. I am so used to wait until I am told what to do that I did not even think of asking for permission to play with myself.

To be continued… Fifty Shades of Red – Our second date (2)

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