7 in 15 minutes

It was a lazy Sunday. I was busy with my blog, Master T. was reading some of the posts of the previous week. The kids were in and out of the room, which meant that any sexy communication could only be done by e-mail. And it was.

The first order was for me to immediately go upstairs and insert the medium Njoy plug. I did. The plug was quite cold and I told Him this in e-mail. Some mails passed to and fro between us. Then I received this:

Later in the evening, I want you to play with yourself and have 7 orgasms in 15 minutes, on the couch.

Inwardly I gulped. I am multi-orgasmic, but sometimes it’s just much easier to achieve an orgasm when Master T. stimulates me than when I do it myself. To reach 7 orgasms within 15 minutes was going to be quite a challenge. In e-mail I made sure that I had understood Him correctly. I did. And I asked what my punishment would be if I don’t complete the task successfully.

You will sleep with the large Njoy plug.

When it was time for my task I felt shy, but knowing that I had very little time and dreading to sleep with the large Njoy plug, I got down to business, so to speak. I pulled my leisure pants down, but kept my knee high socks on . I spread my legs, my feet both on the couch and dipped my fingers in my wetness, that was present all day long.

I was surprised when it did not take me long to reach my first orgasm. The second and third were quick to follow too. I opened my eyes after the third one and saw that Master T. had his mobile phone in His hand. He was making pictures of me on the couch. I don’t know why, but this somehow caused my fourth orgasm to stay away. Just when I started to despair, the orgasm overwhelmed me. Five and six followed.

“How much time do I have left?” I asked.
“Five minutes,” He answered.
I wanted to take my time with the last orgasm, since I had more than enough time left for it. The orgasm seemed to have a mind of it’s own. It followed seconds later.
“Go up to ten,” He said.
“I am not going to make that in the 15 minutes,” I said.
He did not answer and I knew I had just had to go on. Soon I said “ten” and then He said “twelve”. This time I did not complain, but just carried on until I have reached my twelfth orgasm.

He sat down on the couch next to me. His fingers found my sensitive clitoris.
“Three more,” He said. “We’re taking it up to fifteen. You can rest then.”
His skilled fingers quickly brought me to orgasm. I asked for permission for each of them, not wanting to give Him any reason to punish me.
“One more,” He said when I climaxed for the fifteenth time.

I was feeling at peace after the sixteenth orgasm, a bit tired even. And happy. And I wanted more…

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