Traffic jam

Simone sighed when she got into her car after the working day is over. The sigh was not only because she was tired after the challenging working day, but also because of the heat flooding from her black car when she opened the door. Her favorite spot was taken when she arrived at work this morning, which meant her car stood in the sun all day. Leaving a black car out in the sun on such a glorious summer’s day never is a good thing. Simone started her car, opened both the front windows and switched on the airco. She knew it would take a while for the airco to cool the inside of the car, but in the meantime the heat can escape through the windows.

Once she was on the highway, she closed the window directly next to her. Simone have never liked the wind in her hair while driving. She instantly felt the cold air of the airco and decided to close the other window too. Glancing at the clock and looking at the traffic around her, she estimated that she would be at home in about half an hour. She could hardly wait to sit down in the garden with a glass of wine and the book that she was busy reading. She needed to relax after all the meetings she had during her working day.

Leaving the one highway to get onto the other, the nose of her car turned into the direction of the town she lived in. Only 15 more minutes and she would be home. The thought has barely crossed her mind when the warning signs above the highway flashed on.
“No!” she said out loud, “I want to go home!”
In front of her the cars were already driving slower. The red lights in front of the bridge told the story: the bridge would open for the boats and ships to continue their journeys.
For some seconds Simone wished she could just ignore everything in front of her and drive home, but soon she came to a halt behind the car in front of her. Knowing that the delay might take up to half an hour, she opened the windows again and switched off her car.

Trying to relax she looked at the cars around her. Next to her was a car with young men in it. The front door of the car was about a meter in front of that of her. She listened to their conversation and realized they were talking about women. Not just any women, but women that they have fucked. They were not aware that they were talking loud enough for several people around them to follow their conversation word by word. Simone felt something stirring inside her. The summer heat always had this effect on her, but never when she was exhausted after a work day. Against her nature, stuck on the highway in her car between strangers, she felt the horniness surging through her body.

Absentmindedly she ran her hand over her breast. Her nipple was hard. Simone closed her eyes and leaned her head against the headrest. Only seconds later a sound startled her. She opened her eyes and turned her head towards the sound, that came from the window on the passenger’s side. Simone gasped. Two intense bright blue eyes were watching her.
“Me thinks the lady is horny,” the man said with an accent that Simone did not recognize. His huge smile put her at ease as he continued talking, “it’s very normal for this kinda weather, ya’know?”

Simone nodded and blushed as she saw his eyes moving towards her hand that was still resting on her breast. She started to move her hand away.
“Please don’t,” the attractive man spoke again, “I love when a lady touches herself. Ya’all know best where your special spots are.”
He winks. Simone’s hand was resting just under her breast, but she moved it back up again, testing the reaction of the stranger. He smiled and nodded.
“That’s it lady,” he urged, “that’s it. Just let go off all the tension. Let the heat lead ya.”
His eyes were now resting on her bare knees. The hem of her skirt was about halfway between her crotch and her knees.

“Just let the heat lead ya,” the man repeated and smiled.
As if it has a will of its own, Simone’s hand moved from her breast to her legs. Slowly she pulled her skirt up. Her red panties showed from under her skirt.
“That’s it lady,” he said, “go with the heat.”
His voice was hypnotizing. Simone kept her eyes on the man’s face. The lust in his eyes was mesmerizing. His eyes traveled from her face to her breasts to her crotch, where her fingers were now lightly brushing against her pussy.

“Slip ya’finger inside your panties, lady,” he urged, “feel your wetness.”
Simone pulled her panties to the side and moved a finger through her wetness.
“Tease that pussy, make it purrrrrr for me,” he smiled.
There was something in his voice that made Simone shiver with delight and anticipation. Her body felt as if it was on fire. Horny feelings took over. She was not aware of her surroundings any more.

She touched her clitoris, moving her finger over the hardness.
“Ah yes, ya’lil’button…” he sighed, his eyes not fixed on the movement of her hand between her legs, “such a nice pussy you have. Just move those fingers, lady. Show me, just let go.”
Simone’s breathing became heavier. Her fingers pressed down harder on her clitoris, moving quicker.
“Let go, lil’ sex-a-lady,” he whispered, “just let go. Cum. Cum now. I want to see you release your heat. Cum, sex-a-lady.”

Simone suppressed a moan when she climaxed. Her fingers were wet with her juices when she stopped moving them. The man’s bright blue eyes rested on her face. He smiled.
“Thank you, lil’one, for making my day,” he said, saluted and walked away. Simone watched as he got into the truck that was parked in the lane to her right, diagonally in front of her car. The door closed and his head appeared in the open window. He blew her a kiss, turned his head away and his truck roared to life. Only then Simone realized that traffic had started to move again.

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14 thoughts on “Traffic jam

  1. What a wonderful way to ease the frustrations of a traffic hold up. Next time I am on the M25 I will keep my eyes open for ‘sex-a-Lady” 🙂

  2. Now that is a traffic jam that I could be happy in… maybe next time we are stuck in one I will suggest a version of this to Sir.


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