The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy (2/3)

With the fuss around the Fifty Shades trilogy I came across a recommendation to read the Sleeping Beauty Trilogy. I have never heard about it before and once I learned that this is among some of the best BDSM books that have been written, I wanted to read it. I quickly got hold of the e-books and started reading.

Continued from Book 1: The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty

Book 2: Beauty’s Punishment

Beauty arrived in the village, where slaves were sent to be punished. Before she got there she connected – mentally and physically – with Prince Tristan, another slave that was sent off to be punished in the village. In the village they were sold to the highest bidder. First Tristan was sold to the Queen’s Chronicler and then Beauty was sold to the Mistress Lockley of the inn, The Sign of the Lion. Here she was given to the Captain of the Queen’s Guard. She fell in love with him and was willing to do everything for him, but she also loved Mistress Lockley, the coldness and sharpness of this woman.

Tristan fell in love with his Master Nicolas. Part of his punishment was to be treated as a pony. He had to pull a cart and wore a plug with a tail on it. I think I have said before that I am not into pony play, but in this book it was not about the pony play, but about what went on in the mind of Tristan.

Tristan realized that he wanted to please his master. He wanted to make his master proud. He rebelled against the Prince who was his master at the castle, because the prince did not understand what Tristan needed. He was not a true Dominant.

I quote a piece from the book that I found simply beautiful:

The Captain says:

“… there are those who have invited the punishment, needing the rigors not to purify but to tame their boundless apetites.”

And then… Tristan thinks:

“But please,” I wanted to plead, “we don’t know what we do to ourselves. Please have mercy.”

Imagine that. We want the punishment, the pain. We need it, but we also want our dominants to have mercy on us, as we do not know what we do to ourselves. Still we need it…

Tristan wanted to stay with Nicolas for as long as would be allowed by the Queen and Nicolas wanted exactly the same. Tristan found what he was looking for. Beauty did not. Or rather, she found something different than Tristan did. She adored her Mistress and Master, but believed that there might be harsher Mistresses and Masters in the village. Beauty was looking for more. Her soul was still hers. Tristan had given his body and soul to Master Nicolas, but Beauty had only given her body. She still had not found someone whom she wanted to give her soul to.

I was wondering whether Beauty would try to run away from the village to see if she could find a harsher Master or Mistress, but you will have to read the third book to know where she ended up at the end of book two!


To be continued… Book 3: Beauty’s Release

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