The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy (1/3)

With the fuss around the Fifty Shades trilogy I came across a recommendation to read the Sleeping Beauty Trilogy. I have never heard about it before and once I learned that this is among some of the best BDSM books that have been written, I wanted to read it. I quickly got hold of the e-books and started reading.

Book 1: The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty

I love how this story starts with the fairy tale princess still asleep, waiting for her prince to kiss her awake. And the Prince comes (no pun intended), cuts her clothes from her body, mounts her and fucks her. His mouth is on hers as he comes, waking Beauty from her long sleep.

Of course, with the Prince fucking Beauty, the story already moved away from the fairy tale. This scene – him fucking her while she lies there, helpless – already had me panting for more!

Beauty’s parents and all their servants woke too. Beauty is claimed by the Prince and she has to go with him to serve him for as long as he wants. Her parents allow this. They have no choice. Beauty is not allowed to dress herself. For the rest of the book, she’s naked.

Her service to the Prince starts immediately. She is presented to the people in the villages – naked. The Prince seems to fall in love with her. From the moment he has seen her asleep on her bed, he is taken by her beauty. But he wants her to serve him, to be the best slave he ever had.

Arriving in his own kingdom, he presents Beauty to the court, where his mother is the Queen. The way Beauty is presented really appealed to me too. Exciting! It is here that Beauty sees a very special prince – the Queen’s favorite slave. Beauty eventually gets a chance to talk to him, but not before she gets to know all the humiliating (but exciting) rooms of the castle and partakes in some humiliating (but exciting) events.

The different emotions Beauty goes through – her fear for what is to come, her pain, her lust, her devotion, her loving – all of these emotions are beautifully described. She wants to fight what is happening to her, but then finds that she wants to serve. She wants to please the Prince, the Queen, the other Lords and Ladies.

The special prince that Beauty has seen on her very first night in the castle helps her to understand her servitude better. But in my opinion he is also the reason why Beauty rebels.

And what follows after that… well, that is in book 2!


To be continued… Book 2: Beauty’s Punishment

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7 thoughts on “The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy (1/3)

  1. My first taste of The sleeping beauty trilogy came when I was 17 and in high school. Maybe that is why I never was able to settle for just everyday vanilla sex, or maybe that was the edge I needed to begin my journey a few short years later into the lifestyle. Either way this is one of the best book I have read and read and read…lol

    1. I would love to read it again and again, but there are so many other good books around I still want to read 🙂

  2. Where did you get the eBooks? I’ve been searching high and low for them for a while!!

  3. I read these books years ago, I need to read them again. I think I can appreciate them a lot more now that I have had experiences of my own and I have a more mature mindset. I do remember enjoying them though. I think I may enjoy them more now.

    1. There was so much in there that I recognized, so many things I could identify with. I even had tears in my eyes with some scenes, because they were intense and I felt one with the characters. I think I will definitely read these books again, sometime in the future 🙂

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