Be Aware of Pink Business

When Molly announced her collaboration with Wubble from RSVP Erotica in the form of a Sinful Sunday competition, I knew I had to participate. Not because I wanted to win, but I wanted to spread the awareness in the fight against cancer, because if just one person reads this, we might save a life!

Some years ago I accidentally discovered a lump in my breast. I had to wait three weeks to go for a mammography – three terrible weeks in which I feared the worst. Before the discovery of the lump, I never checked my breasts, but since that experience, I frequently do. I was lucky; it was ‘only’ a cyst and it disappeared by itself. So many others had a much harder journey. The Scar Project shows some of those beautiful, strong, brave woman.

Ladies, check your breasts.
Men, check your testicles.
Spread the word so others can check themselves!


My competition entry

Lingerie or business suits,
Slutty heels or boots,
Give them some attention,
A proper examination.

Get positively pink,
Even if it’s with kink.

© Rebel’s Notes

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