Sauna disobedience

A couple of times per year my best friend and I go to a wellness resort for a day of relaxing. We arrive there at 10 am and stay there until after dinner. A day of relaxing in the pools or bubble baths, floating around in the salt water pool and occasionally we sit in a sauna. We have this one specific whirlpool bath that we love to sit in and where we had quite a number of orgasms before. A couple of times when we were at the wellness resort, this whirlpool was out of use, but the last time we went there, it was working again.


Late in the afternoon we checked the whirlpool and unlike earlier in the day, this time it was empty. We got in the whirlpool and very soon I was positioning myself over the bubbles. Feeling their massaging onslaught on my clitoris was delicious. The water around us was warm, but tiny bubbles of cold water escaped from the seat we were sitting on and some of those hit my asshole. I liked the cold and warm sensation against my sensitive bits. In the whirlpool I had three orgasms. They were not big ones, but just enough to make me feel as if my clitoris was swollen to twice its size when we left the whirlpool. And it left me feeling very horny.

That morning when I got dressed I had not bothered to put on any underwear. I wore a skirt and a T-shirt and on my way back home after I have dropped off my friend at her house, I was happy that I had on very little. My mini fairy – which was meant to be used in the car – was in the glove department. I reached for it only about a minute after I drove away from my friend’s house, I switched it on to the lowest vibration and rested it against my clitoris. My little button was still very sensitive and I was still feeling incredibly horny. I moved my hips forward and backwards, pushing against the vibrations of the fairy.

It did not take me long to have my first orgasm. I was not satisfied yet. I switched the vibrations to a higher level, pushed the head of the fairy closer to my clitoris and trapped the toy between my body and the car seat. It felt good. I bucked against it. I tried hard to concentrate on driving too and was happy when I rounded the last traffic roundabout on my route to home. Except for one or two bends, I was on a straight road home. I switched the fairy to the highest level of vibrations, took my foot off the gas pedal so I could go slower and then just lightly rested it on the pedal again to keep at a steady speed.

I pushed against the fairy hard, moaning loud with lust. I needed the orgasm, needed the release. I pulled my T-shirt down to expose my breasts. I don’t know why. I just had the urge to expose myself. There were houses alongside the road and I fiercely hoped that someone could see me. I imagined that they were watching me as I drove by slowly and moved my hips against the vibrating toy. I had to take my foot from the pedal as my body tensed and my orgasm washed through me, making me cry out and breathing loud. The car almost came to a standstill before I realized that it would stall if I did not accelerate again.

I knew that I would have to tell Master T. about these orgasms…

I wanted to wait for the right opportunity to do so. Two days later, I had still not told Him anything. I mentioned that ‘our’ whirlpool was working again and He just casually asked me whether we had our orgasms again. I nodded.
“You did not have permission for those, did you?” He asked.
I admitted that I did not. This was the perfect opportunity to tell Him about the orgasms I had in the car. So, I told Him. He told me that He would punish me at an appropriate time.

This was the second time that I deliberately was disobedient in just over a month. Am I trying to get Him to punish me? This actually was a discussion Master T. and I had a couple of days later. The answer is no. I am definitely not trying to provoke Him into punishing me. I prefer to be a ‘good girl’, to obey Him. It just so happened that I had two very horny moments that caused me to be disobedient. I much rather just want to follow the rules that He has set me and think that next time I plan to go to the wellness resort, I will ask permission for orgasms before I go!

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8 thoughts on “Sauna disobedience

  1. Luckily I do not have to ask permission before orgasms! as both the whirlpool and the car ride are wonderful ways to edge/orgasm for me when alone 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

    1. This was one of the first rules He set for me. I always keep to it, but have been disobedient on occasions when I was very very very horny 😉

      Rebel xox

  2. In those super horny moments, there is no thinking if it is allowed or not. Just to cum is all that matters. You have a nice joy ride. I need to get myself a fairy!

  3. Oh you disobedient sub you!!! Sometimes it is good to be bad though……lol

    ~Mia~ xx

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