He walked into the lounge to bring me a glass of wine. I was in a mischievous mood and pulled my top down, exposing my breasts. It was one of those days that I was just not in the mood to wear a bra. The moment I pulled my top down I realized that I have forgotten to put on my nipple charms.

“Are your nipples still not healed?” He asked.

Earlier in the week I have asked for permission to leave my charms off for a day. Once in a while this is necessary. I shook my head and admitted that I have just forgotten to put them on. I was in a rush to come downstairs after I have taken a shower and just simply forgot.

“Then,” He said, “you can go put your plug in at five o’clock.”
“Ha,” I said impulsively, “that will not feel like punishment.”
“The big one.”
I just looked at Him, not knowing what to say.
“The new one you got this week.”

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I understood Him the first time, but just did not know what to say. You see, on the day that I received the large Njoy plug I have earned with some performances, I already had to wear it. I am used to the medium Njoy plug and thought the large would be okay to wear too. In my opinion (when I bought it) the head of the plug is not that much bigger than the medium. However, when I inserted it the first time, I definitely felt it. I had to really take my time to get it in and getting it out was a bit more difficult too. What really makes a difference though is the weight. I was constantly aware of the weight in my ass. I loved it, really loved it. And I was constantly horny.

When I inserted the plug at 5pm, again I had to take my time to relax and get it in. It felt as if the plug was resting on my clit or g-spot. I was instantly horny and wet when I walked downstairs. Sitting with the large plug is just as comfortable as it is to sit with the medium plug.

As the evening progressed, I wondered whether the inserting and taking out of the plug was the punishment that Master T. had in mind. This seemed quite mild to me. But soon I realized that He must have known beforehand what the real punishment would be. He knew that the plug would make me incredibly horny. He did not touch me. And laying down on the couch, on my side, was not a pleasurable experience either. I was constantly aware of the plug. It must be because of the weight. It literally weighed down inside me.

Where normally I would easily fall asleep on the couch, this time I could not. It was 1.30am before the last movie that He was watching was done and by then I was still wide awake. Tired as hell. Horny. Awake.

I was relieved when I could take the plug out, but still horny. I hinted about my horniness in bed, but He gave me a kiss and told me that I should go to sleep.

That was the real punishment. Wearing the plug, feeling the weight, getting horny, wanting to be touched, wanting to fuck… and having to go to sleep!

I guess I should not have forgotten about my charms…

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