Ever since I can remember, I have referred to myself as ‘Rebel’ whenever I was busy with something kinky. I considered myself a rebel ever since I went straight against my parents’ wishes and fell pregnant at the too young age of 16. Just a tiny part of my suppressed rebellious nature came to the surface then, the rest followed over the years to come.

The step to write as Rebel was a small one, as was calling my blog Rebel’s Notes. Then came the moment at the beginning of this year that I considered to write a book. I have done it in the past, but under another pseudonym that is known to my family. I needed a kinky pseudonym. Of course I could just write as ‘Rebel’ but that just did not feel right.

For many weeks I tried to come up with an original name. I asked Master T. to help me with it, as He always has brilliant ideas, but He needed time to think about it. Whenever we discussed it, neither of us could come up with a proper name. I really wanted it to be a name and a surname and somehow I still wanted Rebel in it. I have already researched different versions of Rebel and came across what could be used either as first or last name: Rebelle. I preferred this as last name, but had absolutely no idea what to use as a first name. I was christened with only one name so could not even use my second or third name, or variations of that. And there was just nothing I could do with my own name that sounded good with ‘Rebelle’ as last name.

Since we just could not think of anything, I decided to put the question on Twitter.

The answer came from DomSigns, Molly’s husband. And the moment I heard it, I knew that it was me!

Marie Rebelle was born!

It is only now, many months later that I started wondering what is behind the pseudonyms that other people use. Or maybe they use their own names, but I just assumed that they are using a pseudonym.

I visited some of my the blogs I frequently visit to see whether I could find a post about their names or if maybe they mentioned in the ‘About me’ section where the pseudonym came from.

Molly Moore of Mollysdailykiss
I could not find any post about Molly’s name and I am pretty sure that this name is a pseudonym.

Mina LaMieux of At Longing’s End, a blog Mina and her husband, Sylvanus share. I have found quite an extended page with more information about Mina but yet again there was no mention of how she chose her pseudonym.

Phoenix Wolf-Rayet of Her Random Musings and Words on Screen
Again I know for sure that this is a pseudonym, but I could find no mention of it on the blog, even though I searched using the name as search string. I remember that Phoenix told me the story when I met her in person this year, but I am not going to repeat it here, as it is her story to tell if she wants!

Jezzy Bella of Lusts of a Jezebel
Jezzy introduces the different players on her blog, but once again I could not find a post about her pseudonym.

Other blogs where I could find no mention of where the pseudonym came from or why it was chosen are:

The only blog on which I could find some explanation about the pseudonym she uses, was that of The Winsome Gypsy. I hope that I did not miss any posts on the above-mentioned blogs that might have explained where the chosen names came from.

I think by now it is quite obvious what this blog is about. I am curious. Very, very curious to know where your pseudonyms come from. Why have you chosen for it? Have you thought about it long and hard like I did and then eventually asked others to help or did the name just come to you. Do you feel the pseudonym fits you or would you actually like to change it? If you want to change it, why have you not done so yet? Is something holding you back? Or maybe you are just using your own name?

I would love to read your comments/posts on your chosen pseudonyms and would really appreciate it if you link back to this post, or just leave your links in the comments section so I can read your posts too!

And of course, after this post, I have to give some attention to my ‘About me’ page too, as I have seen some things in there that have to be changed!

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