Ever since I can remember, I have referred to myself as ‘Rebel’ whenever I was busy with something kinky. I considered myself a rebel ever since I went straight against my parents’ wishes and fell pregnant at the too young age of 16. Just a tiny part of my suppressed rebellious nature came to the surface then, the rest followed over the years to come.

The step to write as Rebel was a small one, as was calling my blog Rebel’s Notes. Then came the moment at the beginning of this year that I considered to write a book. I have done it in the past, but under another pseudonym that is known to my family. I needed a kinky pseudonym. Of course I could just write as ‘Rebel’ but that just did not feel right.

For many weeks I tried to come up with an original name. I asked Master T. to help me with it, as He always has brilliant ideas, but He needed time to think about it. Whenever we discussed it, neither of us could come up with a proper name. I really wanted it to be a name and a surname and somehow I still wanted Rebel in it. I have already researched different versions of Rebel and came across what could be used either as first or last name: Rebelle. I preferred this as last name, but had absolutely no idea what to use as a first name. I was christened with only one name so could not even use my second or third name, or variations of that. And there was just nothing I could do with my own name that sounded good with ‘Rebelle’ as last name.

Since we just could not think of anything, I decided to put the question on Twitter.

The answer came from DomSigns, Molly’s husband. And the moment I heard it, I knew that it was me!

Marie Rebelle was born!

It is only now, many months later that I started wondering what is behind the pseudonyms that other people use. Or maybe they use their own names, but I just assumed that they are using a pseudonym.

I visited some of my the blogs I frequently visit to see whether I could find a post about their names or if maybe they mentioned in the ‘About me’ section where the pseudonym came from.

Molly Moore of Mollysdailykiss
I could not find any post about Molly’s name and I am pretty sure that this name is a pseudonym.

Mina LaMieux of At Longing’s End, a blog Mina and her husband, Sylvanus share. I have found quite an extended page with more information about Mina but yet again there was no mention of how she chose her pseudonym.

Phoenix Wolf-Rayet of Her Random Musings and Words on Screen
Again I know for sure that this is a pseudonym, but I could find no mention of it on the blog, even though I searched using the name as search string. I remember that Phoenix told me the story when I met her in person this year, but I am not going to repeat it here, as it is her story to tell if she wants!

Jezzy Bella of Lusts of a Jezebel
Jezzy introduces the different players on her blog, but once again I could not find a post about her pseudonym.

Other blogs where I could find no mention of where the pseudonym came from or why it was chosen are:

The only blog on which I could find some explanation about the pseudonym she uses, was that of The Winsome Gypsy. I hope that I did not miss any posts on the above-mentioned blogs that might have explained where the chosen names came from.

I think by now it is quite obvious what this blog is about. I am curious. Very, very curious to know where your pseudonyms come from. Why have you chosen for it? Have you thought about it long and hard like I did and then eventually asked others to help or did the name just come to you. Do you feel the pseudonym fits you or would you actually like to change it? If you want to change it, why have you not done so yet? Is something holding you back? Or maybe you are just using your own name?

I would love to read your comments/posts on your chosen pseudonyms and would really appreciate it if you link back to this post, or just leave your links in the comments section so I can read your posts too!

And of course, after this post, I have to give some attention to my ‘About me’ page too, as I have seen some things in there that have to be changed!

© Rebel’s Notes

34 thoughts on “Pseudonyms

  1. Hehe! Just stumbled upon this and thought I’d give you the explanation.

    When I started out blogging, I had both a different alias (Dalide, inspired by the Egyptian singer Dalida.) and a different blog name (Secrets and Fantasies). I nixed Secrets and Fantasies as a blog name quite early on, because I felt it was too bloody generic. Plus, I think it was Ruffled Sheets who got me thinking about changing my blog name. I had the Barenaked Lady URL (because I love the band Barenaked Ladies) and a desire to lay myself bare with words – hence, Lady Laid Bare.

    A couple of weeks before I went to my first Erotic Meet, I had a long think about my pseudonym. I didn’t like being called Dalide at all, and I had plans to start submitting stories, so I figured a name change was in order.

    I was milling about in a bookshop, thinking about this, when it popped into my head that Boyd might be a nice surname. I’d always liked it, and by coincidence, I’d gotten into watching Waking the Dead, in which the main character is Detective Superintendent Peter Boyd. I put it together with “Jilly”, a version of my name, and found it sounded quite well. So, I changed the name, and thus became Jilly Boyd.

    Last year, when I started working as a freelancer, I lengthened the name to Jillian, thus using Jilly only as a shorthand.

    There ya go!

  2. Nice topic. My pseudonym refers to the courage it took to write and publish about pornography. The first name is the French version of my real first name and is also frequently used as a Dutch name. Courage turned out tot be a good pseudonym since several companies use that name.

  3. In hindsight, “Dumb Domme” probably wasn’t a good idea, but I had reason at the time. I explain on my about me page, but here’s the short version:

    When I started, I encountered some dominants who take themselves far too seriously (for my taste). Some of them were cold and indifferent towards their subs, and dismissive of people in general. I’m not that—I’m not serious, cold, or indifferent. “Dumb Domme” was my way of separating myself. (Luckily, since then, I’ve found lots of lovely, silly, smart people I identify with.)

    Besides that, “Dumb Domme” is an acknowledgement that I’m new to BDSM and have a lot to learn, it suggests my sometimes-less-than-reverent attitude towards sometimes-serious topics, and it’s an admission that my thoughts and actions aren’t always as well-informed as they could be.

    Most importantly, “Dumb Domme” made me laugh, particularly when compared to very serious, stern sounding names like “Supreme Mistress Svetlana Painforfun.”

    Great post, Marie! I’m always interested in learning about the reasons behind people’s pseudonyms. Interesting stuff!

    1. WOW, talk about interesting stuff. I love the way you got to the name Dumb Domme and yes, I love that it made you laugh too. Laughing is so good for us!

      Thanks for telling me how you got to it and in the meantime, I have just subscribed to your blog 😉

      Rebel xox

  4. The origin of my blogging name is simple- it has origins in a nickname given by a hotel proprietor while staying there for 3 months for my work! I have changed it slightly, but just to be able to differentiate between my bdsm writing and the writing I get paid for. I also am writing a vanilla book that will be under a different pseudonym, but it will have ancestral family names as the “author”.

  5. I love finding out about peoples’ pseudonym choices. A blogging name or ‘nom de plume’ are so personal as it’s something you choose for yourself or allow an informed third party to do so as in part with your own name, Rebel! I wrote about my own name choice way back when I first started blogging here: (sorry for semi-shameless plug…But it’s relevant). I went into a little detail about the Pandorah part, but not so much the ‘Lady’ element.

    Perhaps it is time for a revisit to some etymological introspection.

    LP x

    1. I loved reading how you got to your name. And you know, I just love the fact that you have the ‘h’ in there. It makes it extra special 😉

      Rebel xox

  6. I love pseudonym discussion, and I’ll do a post on mine soon enough. But short answer is, N is the first latter of what my wife and I refer to as my “nom de whatever,” the name I use when pursuing sex with people other than my wife. And “Likes”? Well, I do.

  7. Fascinating – and a little troubling. I think, perhaps, I should have given a little thought and imagination to a name when I first embarked on this pink pantie crusade but, too late now!

  8. Ooh, fascinating -have loved reading the comments about other peoples names. Mine has evolved and adapted from just being “kinky shoes” (which I soon realised was not particularly original), via various versions to something that is a variation on my middle name. Not very exciting really…

  9. I was riffing on Tenacious D when I picked my name – and I went for Curvaceous as a reference to my body shape, and Dee as a shortened version of my own first name.

    Now I’m nearly as well-known as Dee Morgan, and while Morgan is a surname I chose for myself (think Morgan Le Fay as much as anything else), is it also now my legal surname 🙂

    xx Dee

    1. I think Curvaceous Dee fits you perfectly and I will always think of you as Dee, the woman with the lovely smile 😀

      Rebel xox

  10. Its a joke from a very close friend, who nicknamed me jemima puddlefuck, after I soaked her bed, I was her birthday present to her Dom/husband, but I bring out her Domme side and they spent the afternoon teasing, fucking, and playing with me. It got very wet, and thus jemima was named,

    Most swinging people only know me as jem or jemima and as I compartmentalize my life I like that fact, I am jemima when I am not being mum or daughter, it works. In many ways tho I think the name suits me better than my real name, and I consider it my own.

    The Domly one is perhaps the only person who gets all of me, in whatever name he chooses,

    1. It is interesting how a name being given to you as a joke could grow on you and you can feel so comfy with it, that you feel it suites you better than your real name. I think all of us tend to compartmentalize our lives. Especially in this ‘business’ it is necessary to do so.

  11. Oh now you have me thinking!!! A post beckons I feel as over the last few years I have had (and still do have!) several pseudonyms for different areas of my life, now maybe that needs analysing – is it to hide or is it to express the varied and different sides of me…… – definitely a post beckons…..Lol

    ~Mia~ xx

  12. I, too enjoy hearing/reading about how people came by their chosen names. 🙂 My pseudonym is as much me as my real name, now, and I think of myself as “Jade” as much as that other person (and sometimes even have to correct myself in my own mind when I am around vanilla people.) I don’t know how interesting the story is, but, like the story of my tattoos, you are right, it is my story and part of me and who I am. Looks like you have inspired a blog post! I’ll remember to link back here when I do. 🙂

    1. I would absolutely love to read where your pseudonym comes from!

      And where you have to correct yourself when you are around vanilla people, I have to remind myself to use my pseudonym when I am around kinky people. I still tend to use my real name and then quickly have to correct 😉

      Rebel xox

  13. The name “Mina” came easily for me. It did come from Bram Stocker’s Dracula. I liked the name and the character, but of course I wasn’t going to be writing as the character. LaMieux came much more recently, as I realized if I was ever going to get published, I needed a last name. I wanted something french since I do speak french. LaMieux translates to The Best. I don’t know why, but I got the inspiration from several hockey players with the last name, Lemieux. So, I took the name and made it feminine.

    1. I seem to remind that LaMieux is much more recent, but never knew where it actually came from. And I did not know the origin of Mina either. I love your pseudonym and think it fits you beautifully. You will always be Mina LaMieux to me 🙂

      Rebel xox

  14. HAHA. Your prompt led me to answer the question before the event even happened. Muse came from my childhood. Growing up admiring so many artists who all seemed to have their Muse. I longed to be able to inspire great art in that way. And my curiousity, well, that will, I hope, always endure, whatever name I take. Thank you as ever for provoking so much thought. It is interesting though, isn’t it? To me, even if one day I learn your real name, you will always be Marie Rebelle. And Molly will always be Molly. I sometimes think these secret sides of ourselves are the part really worth knowing. xx

    1. Oh I so agree with your last sentence! Yes, the secret side of us might be the part really worth knowing, as we tend to bare our souls to others. We do not do that for family or friends or colleagues, because we know we will be judged. And I know for sure, I do not want that. I surely would love to share everything with them, to just tell them that I have another side, even if I do not tell them my pseudonym, but I would like them to know that there is another side to me. And I would want all of them to just accept me the way I am – with all my different facets. But alas… that might always just be a dream.

      Thanks for telling me where Curious Muse comes from and once again, I love your new chosen name!

      Rebel xox

  15. Ok… now I shall have to write something. I have never done so before as it is not a particularly ‘amazing’ story but yet you have made me realise it is quite an important part of me. I shall out fingers to keyboard over the weekend and tell you Molly’s tale and yes… I MUST update my about my section.


    1. I would love to read how you got to your name and I certainly think all of us working with pseudonyms, should update our about sections. I am forever grateful for your hubby helping me find this brilliant pseudonym, which I feel fits me like a glove. I am so very happy with it.

      And yes, I too have to update my ‘about me’ section 🙂

      Rebel xox

  16. I was Kazelli (KazElli) when I first started on Fetlife, a combining of two nicknames, but it never seemed to come off right and so I went to KaziGrrl or simply Kazi. I thought that sounded appropriately kinky 😉 but something that I could answer to…
    The whole Dragon thing is explained here, although a large measure of blame for it goes to Rider for encouraging the imagery 😀

    ~Kazi xxx

    1. I have indeed read how you got to the Dragon part, but could find nothing on Kazi. It does indeed sound kinky and I think it fits you very well 🙂

      Rebel xox

  17. I used to use the INFERNO pseudonym exclusively when blogging and made dang sure never to mention my own real name or post anything that would lead back to my real world life because I posted a lot of stuff I didn’t want to answer for by certain people. I now use my given name just as much because I have over time decided people can for the most part deal with it or shut up.
    The name itself was chosen because I am a bit cursed I feel. Life seems like a daily walk through hell. I have been in the inferno so long it is an identity.
    Hows that for a non sexy reason to pick a name?

    1. I wish I can come to the point where I can just talk about my kinky side openly and can just have the same attitude as you do: that people should deal with it or shut up. I guess it is a point I will have to grow to.
      As for your name, Inferno, so sorry to hear that it comes from a negative feeling, but it seems it has grown on you!

      Rebel xox

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