Plugged & Spread

I knew that we would have sex. I saw it in His eyes. I knew that there would be pain. That was in His eyes too. I could not see in His eyes what exactly He had in mind. It was nothing like what I thought might follow.

Entering the bedroom I fully expected to see clamps or a flogger or any other kind of toy on the bed. There were none. Did I misread the signs? I brushed my hair, put a scrunchie in it and got into bed. Naked. Master T. left the bedroom, got back ten minutes later and got into bed next to me. He looked at me for a while – a smile on His face – and then reached to His bedside table to retrieve some nipple clamps.

“Do you want these on your nipples or on your labia?” He asked.
I alternately had the same clamps on both my nipples and my labia earlier in the week. After giving it some thought, I opted for my nipples. The moment that He put them on my nipples, I knew that no matter what I would have chosen, it would still have hurt.
“I want you to put your plug in,” He ordered.
“Which one?” I asked, even though I knew.
“Don’t be smart with me. The Njoy plug of course.”
I did as I was told, turning my back to Him so He could watch me slowly slip the medium plug in my ass.

I turned back to Him. He rolled over and reached towards His side of the bed again. I heard it before I saw it: my collar. Soon the golden colored collar was around my neck. He hooked His finger through the ring on the collar, pulled me closer and kissed me. Looking me in the eyes, He softly touched my cheek. I loved the sensual feel of His hand on my cheek combined with the look of lust in His eyes. The magic of the moment was broken when He turned around to reach next to His side of the bed again.

It was only when I saw what He had in His hand then that I realized that what was about to happen went beyond what I expected. He held the ball gag in His hand and a length of rope. Soon my mouth was wide open, the ball in my mouth and the strap tightly fastened behind my head. His hand disappeared between my legs, finding my wetness and bringing me to orgasm. I tried to ask for permission, but of course all He could hear was some garble coming from behind the gag. I swear, it felt as if He pretended not to know what I wanted. It took minutes before He spoke.
“Cum, slut. Come on! Cum for me!”
I did.

He looped the rope through the ring in my collar, looped it through the cast iron rings on the headboard of our bed, around my wrists, tying them above my head, back through the headboard and then around my knees, spreading my legs wide. I had to concentrate on keeping my legs in one place as not to pull the rope too tight around my wrists. This was so difficult, especially when He touched my clitoris again and I soon was begging for an orgasm again. This time He did not say anything. I could not hold back. I climaxed.

“Did you just climax without permission?” He asked.
Behind the gag I tried in vain to explain that I did ask for permission, but He said nothing. He totally ignored what I said.
“Do you want the fairy on your clitoris for 20 minutes,” He asked while still moving His finger on and over my clitoris. I was not even listening to Him anymore. Another orgasm flooded through my loins, my eyes closed.

Suddenly He moved. He was between my legs and had the mini fairy in His hand. It touched my clitoris and it did not leave it anymore. I have no idea how long it was there. I climaxed, over and over again. I was drifting between fighting the orgasms and just letting them come. It might have been 2 minutes or it might indeed have been 20 minutes before He stopped. I was a mess, I was aching for more orgasms. I was fighting the rope. I wanted more and I wanted it to stop.

He lay down next to me and softly touched my cheek again. I know He loves to see me with the gag. I could see it in His eyes then too. He started to untie the rope. The gag was removed. He pulled me closer and kissed me.
“Tonight you will sleep with your plug,” He said.

After he had fucked me I wanted to know whether sleeping with my plug was punishment for the orgasm I had without permission.
“No,” He answered, “you will get your punishment tomorrow.”

© Rebel’s Notes

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    1. I have never known otherwise. I always thought, up to some years ago, that all women were multi-orgasmic. I wish all women could experience this! xox

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