Plug Punishment

I slept quite well, even though I was plugged. This was but the second time I had to sleep with it. The first time was a painful experience. The second time did not leave me feeling sore at all. I woke up a lot during the night, and each time I did, I was aware of the plug. But I fell asleep fairly quickly. Just out of bed, I went to the bathroom to shower, but of course first the plug had to come out first. It was here that I felt the sensitivity of my asshole. It was not really painful, but just sensitive to the touch. Once the plug was out, the feeling quickly subsided.

Master T. reminded me to take the plug with me. I rolled it in one of His handkerchiefs and put it in my bag. We were going out to a theme park for the day and I had to wait for His orders to put the plug in. As soon as we were in the park, I had to use the toilet, but I did not tell Him. I postponed until I could not and then I went. I fully expected Him to tell me to put the plug in since I was going to the bathroom anyway. He did not. Neither did He when I went to the loo for the second and third time. I wondered if He was still going to punish me. Actually, I started to think the punishment was just this: being aware of the plug in my bag all the time and constantly awaiting His order to put it in.

At 3.57pm He told me that the plug should be in my ass at 4pm. I rushed to the bathroom and entered a stall. I sat down, got the plug out and realized that I would have to insert it without lubricant. There was no way I was going to push it inside without a bit of wetness on it, I thought and put the plug in my mouth. I wet it as well as I could and then pressed it against my opening. This was when I realized that this was part of the punishment. The spit on it dried far too quickly and getting the plug inside was a bit of a battle. Especially since my asshole was sore after sleeping with it the night before. I succeeded in putting it in and when I walked back to where Master T. was sitting.

The four and a half hours that follow after that before Master T. spoke the releasing words ‘you may now take the plug out‘ became continuously more painful. Once I sat down after I have inserted the plug, it felt okay. Until I moved. Then I felt the plug. Then we had to walk quite a long way to get back to the car and with every movement I felt the plug. Up to that point I did not really experience it as punishment anymore.

It was only once we were in the car for the hour long drive that it turned into punishment. Every bump in the road left me with a burning sensation in my ass. I did not know how to sit not to feel the pressure. I knew it was burning and uncomfortable because I had inserted the plug without lubrication. I have been in the car with the plug many times before and always found it quite pleasurable, but that was when I had used lubricant.

When we got out of the car at home I told Master T. that the plug was becoming a painful experience. I told Him how it hurt on the way home. He looked satisfied. Punishment is supposed to feel like punishment, right? I was relieved when at last He told me that I could go upstairs and take the plug out.

I cannot promise that I will never disobey again, but I will think twice before I do. That’s for sure.

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