Our first date (3/3)

Continued from… Our first date (2/3)

Dena and I were still on the bed. We laughed some, talked some and laughed some more. Master R. inspected the marks on our asses and showed me the different implements He used.
“I want to tie you both up again, but then separately,” Master R. said.

Dena was first. I enjoyed watching while Master R. tied a rope harness around her, her hands on her back. Then it was my turn. Somehow the feeling of the rope on my body was calming. I did not know what might follow and whether anything would follow, but being roped calmed me enough to just let things happen. Soon both Dena and I had our hands tied behind our backs.


Master T. came to stand in front of me. At last He was there to touch me. I was craving it from the time that Dena and I were tied against each other. Behind me I heard sounds coming from Dena and I realized that Master R. was busy with her. I did not look at them as Master T. demanded my attention. He pinched my nipples and roughly cupped my breasts. I moaned but His touch did not soften. I could see the lust in His eyes as He rolled my nipples between His fingers, pinching and hurting me. While He continued to torture my nipples with one hand, His other hand found the wetness between my legs. He pushed his fingers deep into me and then concentrated on my clitoris. I closed my eyes and rested my head on His chest as an orgasm took hold of me. He did not stop. Soon another orgasm took hold of me. My head was still resting against His chest as he simultaneously pinched both my nipples.

My eyes flew open when I heard His words, but my head stayed down.
“Do you want to feel her?” He asked, His words directed at Master R.
The invitation was accepted. Master R. took over the pinching of my nipples from Master T. and roughly cupped my breasts too. His touch was much different than Master T.’S, but definitely not less enjoyable. I felt His hand between my legs and He too discovered my wetness, that was rapidly increasing. I moaned and tightly closed my eyes. I heard His sighs and groans and understood that He was enjoying it as much as I was. I surrendered to His touch when He moved around to the front and stood very close to me, pinching and pulling my nipples. My head rested against His chest when His hand moved down to my pussy. His fingers felt much different than Master T.’s. Pulling and pinching my right nipple and fingering me, He brought me to another orgasm before He turned me around, held me against His chest, His hand on my right breast and slipped a finger inside me from behind.

I really don’t remember how many orgasms I had and if Master R. kept me on the brink of an orgasm all the time, but looking at the photos that Master T. made, I can see that I enjoyed all of it. And I remember that I liked His touch. His pinching and flicking of my nipples, and even Him biting my nipple. I also remember thinking about Dena and knowing that she was standing there, not being touched. For this time Master T. had declined the invitation of touching her, but I know a next time will be different. And who knows what else might happen a next time? Probably some more than only pinching and fingering!

Master R. bringing me to orgasm…

We were untied soon after Master R. had fingered me once more and simultaneously spanked Dena and me each on one buttock. Dena and I took a shower together. We both knew that we had a dinner appointment and knowing this had me holding back. I would have loved to suck her right there, under the running water. We both got dressed. Dena looked stunning in a short dress and boots. I was dressed in the clothes that Master T. had selected the night before. A dress that reached up to just above my knees, quarter cup bra, no panties, high heeled boots and my medium Njoy plug in my ass. We went downstairs for dinner and had a wonderful evening together, talking and laughing and enjoying the food and drinks. By the time that Master R. and Dena left, the four of us had already agreed that we look forward to the next date!

Yes, Master T. and I had some more fun later, but that is something for another post. The next morning we enjoyed the crisp morning air outside the hotel before we went home. I mentioned to Master T. that I was quite amazed at how I felt. There was no “squeeee” feeling inside me. When I thought about the day before I felt content, happy and it definitely put a smile on my face. And one thing I knew more than anything else: I could not wait for the next date with Master R. and Dena! I actually told Master T. that even though my reaction was out of character for me, I thought that I was being quite mature about the meeting the day before. He just smiled.

It was only hours later, on the couch at home, when Master T. and I talked about the day before, that I had my “squeeee” moment. Not only one, but a couple. And then I felt the tears. At that moment I managed to hold the tears back, but that evening in bed, snuggling in Master T.’s arms, I let them flow. I recognized it as a drop. Master T. held me tight and eventually I fell asleep. The next day I spoke to Dena about how I was feeling. She was so very kind too! Her words really helped me, as did her virtual hugs. The feeling of tears disappeared and only the “squeeee” feeling remained.

Less than a week after this exciting first date, my excitement started building again… for the next date!

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21 thoughts on “Our first date (3/3)

  1. I’ve just finished reading all three posts in this series and just like you I am excited to read about your next meeting!! I know all of your feelings that you express and I feel your anticipation – I hope it is not too long before you can meet up again!

    ~Mia~ xx

  2. This was, of course, a deliriously sexy read. However, the aspect of this post that we suspect will stay with us for a very long time is the beautiful shot of you both tied and standing shoulder to shoulder. Such a luscious image of two gorgeous women. And I suspect that the lust that Jill and I feel for your beautiful hair is the same feeling most people feel when they see Jill’s in one of our posts.

    Although the description of you being fingered and having your nipples roughly played with has caused some arousal in both of us as well. 🙂

    1. mmm happy to read that you were aroused reading about our wonderful date! Just thinking back on it gets me excited again and longing for the next date 🙂

      Rebel xox

  3. Gorgeous photos (both people and ropework), and the writing to accompany it is hot reading indeed!

    xx Dee

  4. Love this, what a fantastic tale. I agree, that picture of him making you cum is really hot, I love when I do that. Also really like the “squee” word!

  5. See that is what I want. I want another man to work me like you described. Maybe without the tying up but this is definitely something that makes me very wet and very horny…

  6. I am trying to translate what is a ‘squeee’ moment. I think I get it. This is so honest and raw. Well done in how you have written it all. x

  7. The side shot you, your ass looks amazing. If we weren’t in different countries, I’d jump at a chance to be your next date! Loved reading all 3!

  8. I found that very intense to read. I think being shared is a hard limit for me, yet I find it very arousing to read about. I need to process this some more, which can only mean it was a job well done! You have stunning hair by the way!

    1. Awww thank you luv!

      I always wondered how I would react if my Husband shared me with another. How I would feel. I felt amazing and look forward to the next time. Knowing that He thoroughly enjoyed seeing me with another man and another woman, makes me happy.

      Rebel xox

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