Our first date (2/3)

Continued from… Our first date (1/3)

Master R. was satisfied with the sight of our red buttocks and used His hands to redden it some more. He was not done yet. The dragon tail and the single tail both touched our asses several times too. The dragon tail left beautiful marks. (When I saw them in the mirror later that evening, I wished I had more.) Once or twice Master R. felt the wetness between my legs and I bet He did the same with Dena. He also touched and rubbed our asses between the impacts. This really felt good. There were some moments that I craved the touch of Master T. I just wanted to feel His touch because I wanted to know that He approved, even though I knew He did.

I was feeling calm, yet excited and still a bit nervous. I did not know what would happen next. I was so focused on being with Dena this afternoon, that not once I had taken into account that we might be tied up and spanked, whipped or flogged. Dena told me that Master R. liked to work out scenarios beforehand and Master T. also said that Master R. had great ideas, but still I was only focused on my time with Dena. I thought the men would more or less tell us what they expected of the two of us, but this afternoon just taught me again that I should leave everything to chance and should expect everything. And I don’t mind that one bit!

Master R. untied the rope. Once we were untied and the blindfolds were taken off, I saw the marks on Dena’s ass. Master T. told me that my ass was marked too. I actually wanted to run to a mirror and check, but I did not. We stood around for a while until the men told us that we could get on the bed and do whatever we wanted to do. The first couple of moments were awkward, but then Dena took the lead. She whispered and asked if I was nervous. I admitted that I still was. Not much, but I was. She softly touched me, my hair, my breasts, my stomach, my pussy. Her touch was soft, kind, tender. She kissed me, brushing her lips against mine. Her mouth moved to my breast, sucking on my nipple. My hand was on her breast, feeling the soft skin and her hard nipple. Dena lay down next to me. I bent down and took her nipple in my mouth, sucking lightly. I clearly remember the thought that shot through my mind at that moment: for the first time in 9 years I was with a woman again!

We kissed again. This time it was a very sensual kiss, our tongues softly exploring. A lovely kiss. Dena licked and sucked my nipples again. First the right, then the left. I heard cameras clicking and knew that the men were making photos. Adrenaline was rushing through my body. I heard every sound in the room and wish I could shut it out. But I also felt every movement of Dena against my body. Her hand moved down to my pussy, her mouth still on my left nipple. My hand was on her breast, cupping it. Her touch on my pussy was gentle, exploring. I sighed when I felt her mouth on me, her tongue touching my clitoris. There was little room for me to reach her and I wanted so much to taste her. I asked her to straddle my face. She did.

There, right in front of me was her pussy. I softly touched it, spread her labia. Ran my tongue up and down her slit and pushed it into her wetness. Tasted her. Ran my tongue over and around her clitoris. Listened to her reaction, to find out what she liked.

We were exploring each others bodies. Bringing each other towards orgasm by licking and sucking and touching. Enjoying to be together. I loved tasting her. Dena tasted different than I do. And her pussy is different than mine too, and then I am not talking about me being pierced and her not. I thought and think she’s beautiful. And sweet. And she tasted so good. I had the feeling that I was on the right track and that she might have had some orgasms. I had some. Dena looked content when we lay next to each other again and just touched each other. She touched my stomach. When I looked at the photos later it seemed as if Dena was tracing the line of the scar on my stomach and I thought that this was just so sweet of her. Our attention went back to each others pussies again, exploring some more. Touching, feeling.

We slipped our fingers inside each other. I wanted to bring Dena to another orgasm. I concentrated on her clitoris, but also slipped a finger inside her. She was wet. I felt the firm walls of her pussy and carefully, but firmly moved my finger in and out of her. I wanted to taste her wetness again, but would have had to get in another position then. Dena hand was on my pussy so I stayed in the position I was in. Satisfied, but (and I think Dena will agree) both still horny we lay down next to each other and just hugged. And laughed. And were happy. Dena asked me if I wanted to come once more and I said yes. She sucked my pussy again and then brought me to another orgasm.

She lay back down, this time in my arms. It felt so good to have her so intimately close to me. I actually wished that we could have fallen asleep like that, but did not know what the Masters expected of us. Dena was relaxed, but the adrenaline still racing through my body just caused me to be supersensitive to every sound and movement in the room.

Several times I looked at Master T. for approval or just to see whether He was still enjoying the scene. And I just wanted to see Him, to know that He was still there. He seemed happy and that made me happy and feeling content.

To be continued… Our first date (3/3)

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8 thoughts on “Our first date (2/3)

  1. such a beautiful recounting of your experience. I am so glad you found someone to share with again. That last photo of the two of you snuggling is my favorite… that is my favorite part of being with another woman…

    p.s. *pounnnnnccceee and smoooooch* just because I don’t get to pounce you or smooch you very often lately 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! Indeed, the snuggling was great. A moment to just relax together. I can hardly wait for us to be together again, and thankfully I do not have to wait that long 🙂

      And lots of kisses and hugs to you too, beautiful girl! xox

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