Our first date (1/3)

After my punishment for being to jumpy due to nervousness and excitement for our oncoming play date, I felt calm for the rest of the week. On Thursday evening I met Dena for dinner and not once I felt that familiar nervous feeling deep in my tummy during the day. We had a wonderful evening together with a lot of laughs. We kissed when we parted, but both held back from a really sensual kiss. Walking back to my car to go home, I smiled, knowing that I would see her again two days later… her and Master R., her husband. And of course my Husband would be there too! I was excited. And nervous.

When I woke up on Saturday morning, the headache I had for two days was gone. I was a bit more nervous than the day before, but still not as nervous as I normally would have been. I wondered whether the punishment I had earlier in the week was the reason why I felt quite calm. Both Master T. and I took our time to prepare for our hotel visit. I spent a very long time in the bathroom, longer than I normally would. I really wanted everything to be perfect. I did not want to leave anything to chance, did not want anything to make me doubt myself.

We arrived at the hotel just before 2pm. Our room was ready. Actually, we were upgraded to a suite, which was absolutely wonderful. Master T. told me that Master R. and Dena would arrive between 3pm and 4pm. When we entered the room, I immediately started to strip. I knew what was expected of me, as Master T. had already chosen the clothes I would wear. Once I was naked, I started to get dressed again. I put on my black quarter cup bra, my garter belt and stockings and my black and read high heels. It took me quite some time to fasten the garter belt to the stockings. (How I hate that the clips on garter belts are not easier to work with!) When I was fully dressed at last, Master T. put my collar around my neck, the leather cuffs around my wrists and made some photos of me.

I was allowed to sit on the couch and wait until Master T. received a message from Master R. that He and Dena were close to the hotel. I was ordered to sit on a stool with my back turned to the door of the hotel room. I was blindfolded and my wrists were cuffed behind my back. Master T. put clover clamps on my nipples and kissed me. I had to sit still and wait until He returned with Master R. and Dena. He left the room. Suddenly I was very nervous. What if something happened and Master T. did not return? I wondered whether I would be able to undo the cuffs behind my back. I wanted to try, but then realized that I was being very silly. I concentrated on my breathing to calm myself. My heart rate increased immensely when the key turned in the lock.

I heard their voices as they entered. It was quiet for a while and then I heard only the voices of the men. I did not talk. I really did not know whether I was allowed to talk. This was the one piece of detail that I have forgotten to check with Master T. before He left. I heard how Master R. told Dena to undress.
“You can say hello,” Master T. said.
“Uh, hello,” I said, caught off guard and not knowing what else to say.
Both Master R. and Dena laughed and greeted me. After the men had consulted each other, I had to stand up and Master T. helped me to walk to the middle of the room.
“Should I take the clamps off?” I heard Master T.’s voice. Master R. indeed wanted the clamps to come off. I hated the moment that they were removed, but this time I did not feel the hurt for long. I felt a soft, warm, naked body against mine and knew that Dena and I were standing against each other. I felt her breast against mine; her legs against mine. Her head rested on my right shoulder, mine on hers.

I sensed that Master R. was busy behind Dena, but I had no idea what He was doing. Only when He stood behind me and asked me to put my hands behind my back, I understood that Dena and I were being tied together. I think by then I was already soaking wet, just by the thought of what was happening, but at that moment I was too mesmerized to even think about my any wetness. I remember though that I was feeling strangely calm. Master R. started to tie the rope around us. I was still wearing my heels and since I felt as if I would fall forward, I asked whether my shoes could be removed. Master T. gave permission for this. Once the shoes were removed, I could stand closer to Dena and I felt steadier. With our hands tightly secured behind our backs and with rope around our shoulders and arms, Dena and I waited for what would follow. I had an idea… Dena knew.

Dena and I, tied together in the hotel room

I heard the first impact, but did not feel anything. Master R. was using the riding crop on Dena. Each time it impacted on her ass, I felt it going right through me. She sharply inhaled and breathed out. Somehow I wish that I could ‘help’ her, even though I knew she enjoyed this just as much as I would enjoy it. And yes, soon it was my turn to feel the riding crop on my ass. It hurt, but it was good. I wanted more. I felt disappointed when Master R. stopped, but not for long. Soon I heard the sounds of an implement again. This time Master R. was using a flogger. Again I wanted take the lashes for Dena. I wondered whether Master R. was hitting her harder than He normally would, only because of the setting we were in. It sounded so loud. But then the flogger touched my ass. I did not hear the sound, I only felt the impact. The strangest thing happened. While I was flogged, it hurt and I cringed, but once it stopped, I wanted more.

Dena’s read ass; Master R. with the flogger
The flogger, impacting with my ass

To be continued… Our first date (2/3)

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