My daytime collar

On Sinful Sunday it’s all about the image.

Sometimes, images need a bit of explanation to go with it.

Earlier this week I blogged about wanting a daytime collar. In the meantime it has been ordered and delivered and I am wearing it daily. Only one person has made a remark about it and for the rest, as expected, no one said anything about it or maybe they have not even noticed!

To me it is not about having people notice it. It is about my 24/7 mindset, about showing the outside world that I belong to Master T., even if the outside world does not understand my message. I love seeing the daytime collar in my reflection in the mirror when I go to the restrooms while at my work. I love touching it when I think of Master T., whether I am behind my desk at work, in the car on my way somewhere or sauntering from shop to shop. It is part of me now. It is good.

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