Katie & Steve #21

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A while ago my sexy male friend and I decided to write a story together. It was sparked after he (@maurelius1066) tweeted about a sexy secretary with a tight skirt who passed by his office and all the things he wanted to do with her. I started writing and he continued. The fun of this project was that we could not plan ahead what we would write, as we did not know where the other party would take the story. And of course the challenge was to keep the momentum in the story and to make it ONE story. You might remember this friend of mine from the hotel story… and he will feature in more true stories here on my blog in future.

Continued from… Katie & Steve (20)

As Katie knelt naked in front of him devouring his cock in her mouth, Steve considered the transformation that had occurred in the last 24 hours. She had gone from a prim and proper work colleague to his personal slave slut, and frankly, he was delighted. His thoughts were soon interrupted by a flood of incredible pleasure washing through his loins as Katie’s efforts on his cock began to have a delightful effect. With a low growl of restrained pleasure and a distinct twitch in his balls Stave came into the back of Katie’s throat. The spurt of his sweet semen caused Katie to have to swallow hard, but she managed it and she even grabbed his ass with both hands and pulled his cock into her throat as he came. Katie kept his cock deep in her mouth until he had finally cum in full and the twitching of his cock had subsided. Only then did she release Steve’s cock from her mouth. She licked him clean and then stood up and looked him straight in the eye. Her attitude was one of pleasure with just a small look of defiance, as if she had proven to him that she could give as good as she got.

Steve slipped his cock back into his pants and then told Katie to dress herself in the items he had selected. Katie did so and within a few minutes she was fully dressed.
“Steve,” she said, “there are no panties?”
“Yes,” he replied, “I purposefully did not select any, you will only wear panties when I allow it, otherwise from now on you will go without them.”
Katie was surprised but nodded her agreement. What she did not expect was for Steve to produce from his jacket pocket the remote control butterfly vibrator he had made her wear the previous day.
“Put this on,” he said, “you remember that you may not cum today, but that does not mean you will not be tested,” and as if to make his point he activated the toy in her pussy with the remote giving her a buzz of pleasure.

When she was publically presentable Steve stuffed the sweats in a bag and they left the change room. Steve headed for the cashier and paid for their purchases before they headed back to his car. It was a short drive to their office and the trip passed in silence as both Steve and Katie were thinking about the night before, and what had happened, the pleasure, the pain, the wild fucking foursome. It was this last thought that was occupying Katie’s mind when they pulled up at the office.

Almost as if he could see inside her head, Steve said to her, “by the way, you know the man and the woman who joined us last night?”
She nodded.
“Well, they work here in our office. They are very discreet and experienced players of our brand of fun and they know who you are, but you have no idea who they are. As you do your work today your body will be under my control, but your mind will be free to wander. I want you to think about this and to know that there are people here who know you are not the smart, in control executive you appear to be, but rather are a wild and wanton slut slave, and there is nothing you can do to hide that from them, because you don’t know who they are.”

Katie was stunned! She had not considered the possibility that the people she had had wild sex with the night before might know who she was. Never had she considered that she might work with them, and yet, now this was the reality. She got out of the car and followed Steve into the office almost as if in a daze. She was under his control completely. Other people in the office had seen her behave like a total slut and only Steve could ensure that they never talked about it, but they would see her, look at her and know what she was, and she did not know who they were. She was terrified, but she was also totally turned on. Her pussy was slick with her wetness and it twitched as the thoughts flooded through her mind.

As they entered the office Steve headed for his as if he hardly knew her and she stumbled off in the direction of hers. She sat in her chair for a few minutes as the crazy reality of her situation became apparent. She was distracted from her musings as the IM pinged on her computer. It was a message from Steve.

Steve: Our mutual friends have emailed to say you look lovely today and they hope you enjoyed last night. Now its time to get working before I have to punish you again…..

The message was clear, they had seen her and they knew the truth about her, they knew she was a wanton slut slave. Her carefully controlled and constructed world was crashing in. Her crazy sexual desires and slutty behavior had ensured her world would never be the same again, and yet she was turned on. Very turned on.

Katie clearly was lost in thought for a few moments and she had not responded to Steve’s IM message. She was roused from her reverie by a harsh and insistent buzz in her pussy as Steve activated the toy in her cunt in a long and almost angry buzz. She looked up and across the office space to see Steve staring intently at her, so she moved her hand to the keyboard and typed the only reply she could think of.

Katie: Yes Master.

The End

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