Garter belts… sexy, horrid things!

Okay ladies, I have an issue I want to discuss with you: garter belts!

We all know how sexy it is to wear stockings and garter belts. Yes, we can choose to wear hold ups, but we also all know that even though they say those things always stay in place, they just don’t always stay in place. I actually prefer stockings with a garter belt. It makes me feel a lot more confident and sexy!


Yes, there is a but.

The horrid clips on those things. I am always fumbling with those! Sometimes I feel like I might panic because I cannot get those things attached to the beautiful stockings I want to wear. When at last I succeed, I feel grumpy and not sexy at all, especially if Master T. was watching me while I tried to dress myself sexy specially for Him.

The last time I was battling to get a sexy garter belt on, my thoughts started wandering. I wanted a garter belt with suspender clips on it. Suspender clips as you get on… yes, suspenders. Let me just make a distinction here.

I know that garter belts and suspender belts can be the same thing. But for this post, I will talk about garter belts, which are the things that women wear to keep stockings up and suspenders, which are the things that some men use to keep their pants up.

If I could find a garter belt with suspender clips, I could wear hold ups and clip the suspender clips to it. I will feel and look sexy and I will know that the hold ups would not sag around my ankles at any time.

The search started.

I found garter belts, with garter eyelet clips. And I found suspenders, with suspender clips. But no garter belts with suspender clips. What I did find was double grip suspender clips.

Of course these could work too, but then you would have to know for sure that it would not pull your panties down once the stockings started slipping downward due to gravity.

I decided to put my question out on twitter. I received a reply from Sock Dreams about their double grip clips and when I searched their site, I came across a garter belt with suspender clips. You would have thought that I would be ecstatic about it?

No, I was not.

Yes, it was what I was looking for. A garter belt with suspender clips. Unfortunately it was not sexy at all. Functional? Definitely yes!

So my search continues…

If anyone out there knows where I can find sexy garter belts with suspender clips on them, please let me know!

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