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Halfway through September – on the night before our sexy date – Master T. informed me that from that night onward I would sleep with my collar every night. Before that night I have occasionally slept with the golden-colored slave collar. As from that night we had a new routine. Once we both were in bed, Master T. would get the collar and put it around my neck. We would watch some television together or I would lay in His arms and doze off while He watched television. Just before I got up the next morning, I would undo the collar and leave it on my pillow. Master T. normally gets up five or ten minutes after me and He would put the collar away.

I noticed that my neck started to feel empty in the mornings and during the day. I loved waking up in the middle of the night and feeling His collar around my neck. Not once did I experience it to be uncomfortable. I started craving the feeling of a collar around my neck during daytime too. I wondered whether it was even possible to wear a collar every day. Surely I was not the only one who had this ‘problem’?

Whenever I have any kind of question, I easily turn to Internet to see what I can find. I do this with everything and am always amazed that many people do not even consider searching the world wide web when they have questions. But that is another discussion. I ended up using different kinds of search strings, such as ‘daytime collar’, ‘daytime submissive collar’, ‘daytime slave collar’, ‘daytime discrete collar’ and probably a whole lot more. Once I started searching, I came across a lot of websites. Just as I had suspected, I was not the first and definitely not the only one who felt the need of a discrete daytime collar.

Sites I found are:

Or go to Etsy and use any of the search strings I have mentioned above.

Once I knew that there was a discrete alternative, there was something more important I had to do first. Wearing a daytime collar was not a decision that I could make. This was something that Master T. had to consider and approve. I mentioned my thoughts about a daytime collar to Him and was not even surprised when He told me that He had thought about it too. So many times before it happened that we had the same thoughts more or less at the same time. He loved seeing me with His collar and He approved of a daytime collar. He more than approved it… He wanted me to wear His collar 24/7. We even had the same idea about what it should look like. There was only one thing that we had different thoughts about: I would have been perfectly okay with only one daytime collar, but He said that He would not mind if I had a couple of them for some diversity.

The next step was to choose a collar – or two, or three. For the time being I settled for one that I really liked from the moment that I saw it. And Master T. liked it too!

I must honestly say that I have always paid little attention to what other women (or men) wear around their necks. For all I know, some of them were also wearing something symbolic or I might have noticed some kinky stuff if I had paid attention. So, do tell me, are and of you out there wearing a discrete daytime collar? Or any other kind of jewelry that has a specific meaning to you? And if you are, did anyone ever question just why you wear the specific piece of jewelry every day?

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  1. It was so nice of you to post a photo of one of my custom made sterling silver symbolic slave collars here on your blog post. Third from the top. It would be even nicer if you embedded links to each of the shops where you found those different collars. Grin. I’m on Etsy at Mockingbird Lane Wire

  2. I have a necklace that Daddy and I made from jewelry pieces we bought at the craft store. It wasn’t intended as a locked collar of ownership, but more of a simple symbol of our growing D/p relationship… similar to our wedding bands but with the bdsm twist. I used to wear it every day. I liked it but there were some slight issues with it that were unexpected. I don’t generally wear it anymore (for several reasons) and honestly the feel of his hands around my wrists centers me and settles me more than anything around my neck so we are looking for something that fits tightly around my wrist that would have the same meaning as a collar. We have looked at the one you have shown above (fourth one from the top as an example of what we’d like the bracelet to look like.)

    When I was wearing the collar/necklace – I got compliments on it all the time. I just smiled a little smile and thanked them but I always wondered if they knew what it could possibly symbolize.

    1. Thank you for sharing this, Jezz! In the end all of what we wear, whether it’s a collar or a bracelet symbolizes what we want it to.

      Maybe you can look on Etsy to see whether you can find a bracelet or bracelets for yourself? I hope you find something that both you and your Daddy like!

      Rebel xox

  3. I used to wear a daytime collar all the time. It was basically a normal necklace that fit tightly like a choker. Silver chain with a silver heart that could be engraved but it never was. Today, I wear it still, even though it may not be a “collar” to me anymore. It looks like this, but it is NOT Tiffany’s.

    I have never had anyone ask me about it before. Though someone did comment on how tight like a collar it was, once.

    1. It is a lovely necklace and I think I have seen it in some of your photos before. Funnily enough a colleague of mine owns exactly the same kind of necklace but I know for sure she’s not into kink 😉

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