Chocolate Treat (3/3)

Continued from… Chocolate Treat (2/3)

Soon they were lathering her body with soap. Foam formed while their hands worked their ways all over her body… her legs, her stomach, her arms and lingering at her breasts, catching her nipples between their fingers. Rebel have stopped questioning their intentions. She enjoyed, gave herself over to the wonderful feelings and thinking about the sweet release she would give herself after this treatment.

“Could you turn on your stomach, please?” the woman requested and Rebel turned over.
They continued to lather her back, the back of her legs and her arms. Foam and chocolate mixed together underneath Rebel. The hands moved over her back and lingered at her backside, softly massaging her ass cheeks and frequently touching her between those. Their fingers deliberately brushed her pussy. Rebel felt her nipples pressing into the bed and was thankful for the foam that was everywhere. The wet excitement between her legs otherwise might have been seen.

“We are now going to rinse the foam and chocolate off your body,” the woman spoke again and Rebel mumbled “okay.”

She felt a constant stream of water as her entire backside were rinsed with warm water. Soft hands helped to clean her body. Those hands still explored more than they should. It was clear that this bonus treatment included intimate touching. Rebel wondered just how far these two would go. She was pass the point where she cared. Her brain was not thinking straight anymore. Her horniness had taken over. She gladly turned over on her back when she was asked to do so, anticipating more fondling. Rebel was not disappointed when the hands of both the woman and the man started moving over her body again. This time they seemed to concentrate more on touching her breasts and her crotch, under the pretense that they were washing the chocolate mixture off her body.

“I think it’s time to finish this off,” the woman said.
Rebel opened her eyes, feeling disappointment rising inside her. The woman looked down at her and smiled.
“You seem to be ready for the grand finale.”
Rebel could only nod. Her eyes mirrored her intense horniness towards the woman. This was not misread.
“Would you mind to spread your legs so we can do a deep rinsing?”
Rebel spread her legs slightly somewhat until she thought that might be what the woman meant.

“Can you spread them some more?” the woman asked. Now Rebel’s feet touched the elevated sides of the bed.
“Wait, we will help you,” the woman spoke again. Even before the last word were spoken, she and the man had each grabbed one of her feet. Her legs were spread some more. Her knees were now hooked over the sides of the bed; her lower legs were hanging on either side of the bed. Her buttocks were not touching the bed anymore and her pussy was wide spread and accessible for whatever these two had in mind.

“Are you comfortable?” the woman asked while she gently stroke Rebel’s cheek. Rebel did not trust her voice. She nodded. The woman looked at the man, who was standing at the bottom end of the bed. A slight nod of her head caused him to bent down and when he re-appeared in Rebel’s line of sight, he held a hose in his hand, with at the end, a spray nozzle. As the water started to spray from it, the woman used her hands to rinse the last of the foam off Rebel’s upper body. Then her legs followed and lastly, the jets of water were directed at Rebel’s spread pussy. The woman held her labia to the side, pushing Rebel’s erect clitoris upwards. The man changed the nozzle and now the water was coming from the nozzle in less but stronger jets than before. The water massaged Rebel’s spread pussy while the woman’s fingers massaged Rebel’s labia.

Being as horny as she was, Rebel climaxed forcefully within seconds. The water did not stop until she had two more orgasms. Her legs were gently replaced on the bed. The man silently disappeared. The woman held Rebel’s hands and helped her to get up from the bed. She softly pulled Rebel against her own body and placed her lips on Rebel’s. As she pulled away, she looked deep into Rebel’s eyes, turned around and walked towards the door.

“Thank you,” Rebel managed to whisper just before the door closed behind the woman.

© Rebel’s Notes

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