Be careful what you wish for?

Blogging about our first date with Master R. and Dena was fun and very useful for me, as I could question myself about what I liked and what I did not like. Actually, there was nothing at all that I did not like. All I wanted different was to have felt Master T.’s touch at times. Other than that, I enjoyed every bit of our first afternoon together.

Before I continue… of course my blog posts have been read by both the Masters and by Dena…

Something else I mentioned in the blog posts about that afternoon, was that I wanted more marks on my buttocks. I loved that the marks from the dragon tail were still visible hours later and I wished I had more. Actually, deep down, I wished that some of the marks would still hurt, but I never said it out loud.

I ended my last post about the date with these words:
Less than a week after this exciting first date, my excitement started building again… for the next date!

And the anticipation built and is still building. There was a dip in the excitement due to real life interfering, but once the date was set some weeks ago, the excitement, nerves and anticipation were back! The men started chatting and mailing about what might happen during our second date and Master T. started making remarks such as ‘your ass might show marks much longer after the next date‘ and ‘who knows how many orgasms you will have this time‘ and ‘you will do what you are told‘. This last remark was mostly when I expressed my concern that I might not be able to handle everything. Master T. knows what I can handle and I trust Him completely in this.

I know for sure that my ass will be much redder during our next date than it has been in the first one. The time span we have for fun on our second date is much bigger than the first time. I guess a lot of repeated spanking and whipping can be done then. Am I afraid of this? No, definitely not. Am I sorry I have said I wanted more? No, I am not. Will I be able to handle it? I hope so for sure! Sometimes one should be careful what you wish for, but in this case I fully trust both Masters to watch over Dena and me. I know we will be pushed towards limits, but I also know they will not push us further than they see we can handle. And you know what? Somehow I am also looking forward to being pushed towards my boundaries. There is something exhilarating about the thought to be tested, to be pushed, all in a safe environment with loving people.

I very much look forward to our next date. It won’t take that much longer before it materializes and this time we will have a much longer time together. There are so many hours of fun are ahead of us… so many possibilities… spanking, whipping, sucking rubbing, fucking, fondling, kissing, talking, laughing… so many things can happen…

Yep, there it is again… the “squeeee” feeling as I feel the anticipation of our oncoming date, feel the nervousness, the excitement. My thoughts keep wandering back to it, wondering what delicious things I am going to experience…!!!

This is what I wore when I waited for them the last time. Next time I might be naked all the time… who knows!

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