Asking for the cane

We had been planning it all weekend – on Sunday night we would be going upstairs earlier than normal, because we wanted to make some photos for the new Sinful Sunday competition. We both knew that sex would follow. It always does after a ‘photo session’. I also wanted some sexy photos of my two Njoy plugs and as soon as those were made, Master T. pushed the medium plug into me. I stayed on my stomach, enjoying the feeling and just waiting for what would follow. At first He just sat in His recliner, telling me how much He enjoyed the view. Not long after He asked me if it would not be better if I was on my knees in front of Him. I told Him that I was quite comfortable where I was and then realized that it was not just a remark, but an order. I got off the bed and kneeled in front of Him.

Softly He touched my face and looked deep into my eyes. His hand dropped to my right breast, softly cupping it. I moved closer. His hand moved to my other breast. All the time I was looking at Him, seeing the lust in His yes. But there was something else too. Something that totally mesmerized me. It felt so right when He pinched my nipples. It hurt, but it also made me feel incredibly happy.

“I think it’s time to bring you to orgasm,” He said and I nodded.
“So offer yourself to me.”
I stood up so He could reach my very wet pussy. I climaxed once before He ordered me to turn around. He pulled me onto His lap. The plug in my ass moved. It felt good and it felt even better when His hand was back in my clitoris. Another orgasm followed. Over and over He brought me to orgasm. I was in a kind of frenzy, riding his leg to move the plug around while His fingers teased my clitoris and brought me to yet another orgasm. He ordered me to get up and bent forward. Moving the plug around with His one hand, He again brought me to climax with His other. When His full attention returned to my clitoris, I moved my ass against His leg. I just needed to feel the pressure of the plug. But there was another need that awakened in me. I kept on playing one sentence in my head. Over and over again.

“I want the cane.”

I tried to push the thought away, but the state I was in did not allow me to do so. Over and over I repeated these words in my head. I had the feeling that I was going insane. Insane for wanting the cane which I fear so much and insane for not feeling the cane on my ass even though I fear it so much. Somehow somewhere I was aware that I was not thinking clearly. Yes, I was forming thoughts. No, I was forming only one thought. I wanted to feel the cane. My mind was filled only with this, even though I climaxed a couple of times more. I could think only of one thing.

“Sir, could you please get the cane, if only for a short moment?” I asked.
For seconds there was silence. Then I heard the door to His closet opening.
“I normally don’t take requests,” He said, “but for this one time…”
Immediately I doubted my sanity again. And when the cane touch me for the first time I was absolutely certain that I must have entirely lost my mind. By the third blow of the cane I was begging for Him to stop. He ordered me to stand at the bottom end of the bed, so He could have more room to move his arm. I begged again for Him not to hit me too hard. Silly, I know, but I begged.
“Since you’ve asked for it, you will just have to handle it. Count back from twenty,” He ordered.
“Oh no, oh no, oh no, that’s too much. Please. Sir, that’s too much,” I begged, but by then the cane had already touched me and I continued talking without pause, “twenty, nineteen. Oh please Sir, it hurts so much. Eighteen, seventeen.”

I crouched. Begging. Panting. Waiting for the tears. I stood up again, took a couple of blows more. Moaned. Begged. Crouched again. My ass was on fire. I really wanted it to stop. Ten. Nine. Eight. Crouching. Waiting for the tears that did not come. Feeling scared for the next blow. Feeling amazed at how much it hurt. Feeling proud that I have already taken so many. And noticing His hard cock standing proud. I knew this excited Him. But seeing His excitement sent a thrill through me. I even glanced a second time, because I thought it was simply beautiful.

“Three. Two.”
I crouched again, turning my ass away from Him.
“This will be so much easier when you are tied down,” He said and I shivered thinking about that.
“Only one to go,” I said. From the corner of my eye I saw that He pulled His arm back quite some. Something told me that He was going to make the last strike with the cane count.

“Please, please,” I begged, “not too hard.”
“Bend over!”
“Not too hard, please,” I begged and He pushed me over towards the bed. The last strike was hard. Quite some minutes afterwards I still felt it. I stayed in the same bent over position, while He made some more photos. I still did not cry. I still felt happy. And my ass felt as if it was on fire, but I loved it.
And I loved it even more when I saw the lines on my ass. Deep red, beautiful lines.
“The cane will be used more frequently from now on,” He said, “since you asked for it yourself.”
I shivered when I heard these words, remembering the pain and His remark that it would have been better if I was tied up, but the feelings of happiness and bliss were much stronger.

After He fucked me I turned over to sleep, happy, my collar around my neck and my medium plug still in my ass. His orders.

© Rebel’s Notes

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  1. Oh God, that is sexy! I love the cane. My fave impact toy. I like it ridiculously hard though so I have bruises lasting for weeks. I like it best on my thighs for some weird reason. *sigh*

    1. You are so brave! I think if I just allow myself to slip into subspace and stop fighting it, I might want it harder and harder too… but will only know for sure once I experience it for real….

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