30 Days of Submission: Day 21

Continued from… Day 20

Is there a physical position that makes you feel most submissive?

Kneeling in front of Master T. and seeing only His feet, makes me feel submissive. Sitting on the stool or the side of the bed in a position He wants me in, makes me feel submissive. Being spread-eagled on the bed after He has bound my arms and legs, makes me feel submissive. Standing in the corner of the room because He has ordered me to, makes me feel submissive. Masturbating while He watches me, makes me feel submissive. There are so many positions that brings out the submissive in me.

But there are two positions that makes me feel the most submissive. One is not even a position, it’s just… moments. He sits in His chair and I sit on the couch. As if on cue, we look at each other. Or we both stand in the kitchen and then I stand in front of Him as He looks down at me. Or we lay next to each other in bed and at the same time we look at each other. In those moments, something happens. It’s as if something in or around His eyes changes. I feel myself moving towards subspace… I feel small and strong at the same time and ready for whatever will follow.

The position that makes me feel the most submissive is when I stand or kneel in front of Him, my collar around my neck and my head bowed. Whether my eyes are open or closed, it does not matter. Every fiber of my body is ready for His touch, for His demands. Craving it. Whether His touch is soft or harsh… softly touching my cheeks… or harshly pinching my nipples… my body and mind respond. At that moment my submission surrounds me like a soft blanket and makes me surrender to Him, the way I want to.

To be continued… Day 22

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