Used 2

A true story

Friday evening. It was late when we went to bed, but not as late as we normally go to bed on a Friday evening. I was tired and seeing that it was way after midnight, I thought we would just go to sleep. I was feeling a bit cranky, probably because I was tired.

Just like the day before, when Master T. unexpectedly told me to wear my butt plug on our night out, I totally misread the signs. Entering the bedroom after I was in the bathroom, I found Him waiting for me. I walked around the bed and sat down to brush my hair. On my pillow was my gold-colored collar, the one I have been sleeping with for quite some nights already. I smiled, knowing I would sleep with it again.

“Bring your collar and kneel in front of me,” He said when I was done brushing my hair.
Oh no, I thought. I was still feeling cranky. It was at that moment that I realized that He had some plans for me before we go to sleep. I handed Him the collar and got on my knees with my back turned to him, as instructed. He fastened the collar around my neck… tighter than normal.
“I cannot sleep with it like this,” I said.
“I know. I will loosen it a bit when you are ready for sleep,” He answered.
This confirmed my thoughts. He had some plans for me.
“Stay on your knees until I return. Practice your patience,” He said with a chuckle.

I was still on my knees when Master T. returned. He softly touched my hair, then sat down on the recliner behind me and pulled my nightie up. The smacks on my bottom surprised me. They were loud and they hurt. I hoped that the kids were asleep and could not hear the sounds. The spanking continued and soon I did not know what was worse: the hurting or the sound and my worries about the kids. The thoughts of the kids lingered in the back of my head, as my attention was fully directed at what was happening.

Color: spanking red

Master T. pulled the front of my nightie down, exposing my breasts. He pinched my nipples, making me moan with pain. I pulled away, but His hand still found the other nipple, pulling me back into the position I was in. I cannot clearly remember the sequence of events after this. I was cringing away, hiding my body from Him, trying to hide my exposed ass too. His hand slipped into my hair and pulled my head back, forcing me back on my knees and giving Him access to my nipples again. He pinched. I tried to protect my nipples, but His hand in my hair held tight, preventing me from doing so. My neck hurt. The pulling of my hair hurt. My nipples hurt. Disobediently, I tried to push Him away with my hands. He ordered me to put my hands behind my back. I did. He let go of my hair, held my arms. Pinched my nipples. Spanked my ass. I was crying. Begging. I wanted it. And I did not want it. I wanted to give in to the pain. And I wanted the pain to stop. I was disappointed in myself. I wanted to please Him. But it hurt so much. I cried. Sobbed. It hurt. And I wanted it to. Stop. Go on. Stop. Go on.

I clearly remember that somewhere in there He ordered me to take my nightie off. I was naked, on my knees, my ass resting on my ankles, my hands on my thighs, my fingers spread out, my back straight, my head bowed, waiting for His next move.
“You look beautiful right now. This is how I like to see you,” He whispered in my ear.
Tears were streaming down my face and mixed in with the disappointment, I felt pride.

More slaps on my ass followed, more pinching of my nipples. I tried to stay in the position that He so loved, but found I could not. I tried to fight Him off. I tried not to fight Him off. I don’t know for how long it went on until He pulled me closer to Him, hugged me and let me cry.
“It’s time to restart your training again. I think clamps and cuffs are in order,” He said.
I nodded. He loosened the collar a bit and told met to get to bed. I was still crying.

In bed He pulled me closer. His soothing words soon calmed me down. He wanted to know why I was crying and I told Him that I thought I could not handle it. I was still disappointed in myself. I have been craving this for so long and knew He held off because I was still healing. There were many times when I wished that He would ignore my feelings and just use me. I knew He wanted it too, but I also knew that my well being always was and always will be His top priority. When what I was craving for came at the moment that I least expected it, I felt so weak. I was ashamed that I tried to fight Him off, ashamed that I cried.

My tears dried up. He pulled me closer, rubbing my back, scratching my buttocks. I realized that He was trying to reach my ass. There was a way in which I could please Him: to offer Him full access to myself. I rolled on my stomach and spread my legs.

Some time later I lay in His arms again – spent. Happy. Used.

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