Self torture

Saturday. Home without Hubby. I felt tired and bored in the morning, not in the mood for much. I did some ironing, tended to other laundry and occasionally sat on the couch, tweeting. It was during these tweets that I mentioned that I was bored, even though I was doing quite a lot. Master T. saw the tweet and replied that I might need an orgasm. I was not feeling particularly horny, but knew things could change, so I decided to ask for permission, just in case I might need it.

The permission to have an orgasm awoke something inside me. It made me wet. I could not concentrate on ironing anymore. I could not concentrate on anything on my computer anymore. All I wanted was a shower and some fun. And I knew just what kind of fun I wanted. In the past week I had read about Kazi’s task and I was intrigued. (Thanks Kazi, for the inspiration!)

Clothing pins on my labia

Back in the bedroom after I have taken my shower, I sat on the side of the bed and placed the clothing pins on my outer labia. I made a couple of photos. Damn, I was horny. I wanted to feel the pain, but very soon the pins on my labia did not hurt anymore. I decided to put one each on my nipples too. More photos were made. The next step was to put masking tape around my legs and to catch the tips of the clothing pins under it. This spread my pussy lips to the sides. And when I spread my legs some more, the pins were pulled along, up to the point that it hurt quite a bit.

Clothing pin on my nipple

I lay back on the bed and made some more photos. I readjusted the clothing pins on my nipples, pushing down on them so more of my nipple was caught up in it. I held the camera in my left hand while my right hand was between my legs. I made some more photos and some moving images. I wanted my full attention with what I was doing. The camera was put to the side, I closed my eyes and started playing with myself. Spreading my legs some more I felt the hurt in my lips. This felt so good. The hurt and the sweet rubbing between my legs mixed to give me the most delicious feeling.

I opened my eyes and looked down my body. The clothing pins on my nipples stood up and as I spread my legs wider, it hurt more. My fingers were moving rapidly. A faint feeling started deep inside my pussy, like a twitch. It was so faint that I was not even sure if I really felt it. My fingers did not stop moving. I concentrated on the pain, moving my legs, trying to spread them more. I concentrated on the pleasure, the wetness between my legs. I concentrated on the mixture of pain and pleasure.

Spreading my pussy when spreading my legs

My orgasm was fierce, making my pussy twitch and expel some of it’s delicious fluids. It relieved a tension in me that I did not realize I had. Removing the clothing pins was even more painful, but I was smiling.

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