Orgasm without permission

It was hot. During the day, temperatures ran up close to 30 degrees Celsius and there was promise that it would be hotter the next day and even hotter the day after that. Warm weather tends to make me horny, but when it becomes too hot, I just don’t have the energy to do something about my horniness.

It was after midnight that I decided to go to bed. Not that I was tired, but I wanted to be naked and see if that would cool me down. I took my book with me and lay down on the bed to read. The book just could not keep my attention. The distraction was… my naked body. I wanted to touch myself.

First I pulled the duvet cover over me, hoping it would help to kill the urge to touch myself. A thought struck me. If I would put the mini fairy on my clitoris on its lowest setting and then continue to read my book, surely the urge to touch myself would stop? Yeah right, I can hear you say, and ‘yeah right’ is exactly what I thought… but only much later!

Soon the mini fairy was buzzing away against my clitoris, trapped between my body and the duvet cover. I continued to read my book, but of course I could not concentrate on it. My hips and legs seemed to have a life of their own, moving up against the vibrator and spreading wide so the vibe could press down harder on my clitoris. It did not help, so my hand slipped under the cover to push the mini fairy against my needy button.

The fairy did not do it for me and neither did the book. I threw the duvet cover back and looked down my naked body towards my wide spread legs. The book was cast aside too and my hand traveled towards my crotch. I decided that I would rub myself just a bit, just to get the urge to die down. Yep, another ‘yeah right’ moment!

My hand only left my crotch to relax it for a bit when it got tired of the same repetitive movement. I could not stop touching myself. Over and over I told myself that I should not have an orgasm. I had no permission for one. But damn, I sure wanted the orgasm and the more I rubbed myself, the more I wanted it. I had so many moments where I could just have turned over and go to sleep. Each time I stopped and gave my hand a moment to rest, I could have stopped. I knew I did not have permission. I constantly thought about it. And still I continued. I am sure that the reason it took me quite long to reach the orgasm was because I knew I needed permission for one. At one stage I even debated to send Master T. a text message to ask for permission. But I did not. Instead my hand kept on finding my special spot until I panted and moaned when the releasing orgasm hit me.

I fell asleep with half a smile on my face, and the decision to confess to Master T. the next day.
It took hours the next afternoon before I had the guts to tell Him.
“I should confess something,” I said.
He looked at me and when I did not continue, He asked me what I wanted to confess.
“I had an orgasm. Last night.”
“When I went to bed.”
“In this heat?”
For a moment I thought it would be okay. I smiled when I answered.
He was quiet for a while.
“I will remember this,” He said and when I glanced at His face, I realized that there will be some punishment in my future.

Why did I do this? I am normally such a good girl, following all His rules, never doing anything that He does not want. There must be some kind of psychology behind this, but the only reason I could find for doing this is that I wanted to provoke Master T. I wanted to call His bluff, to see whether He would indeed punish me if I go against His wishes. And I think I would have been gravely disappointed if He would have told me that having the orgasm without His permission was okay. And even more disappointed if He does not punish me for going against His wishes. Yes, I think I did this to provoke Him. I have no other explanation for this.

I await my punishment.

With a shiver and a smile.

© Rebel’s Notes

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    1. This had me laughing out loud when I read it on my phone in my office and all my colleagues looked at my blushing face, definitely knowing that it must be something naughty! *grins*

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