Katie & Steve #19

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A while ago my sexy male friend and I decided to write a story together. It was sparked after he (@maurelius1066) tweeted about a sexy secretary with a tight skirt who passed by his office and all the things he wanted to do with her. I started writing and he continued. The fun of this project was that we could not plan ahead what we would write, as we did not know where the other party would take the story. And of course the challenge was to keep the momentum in the story and to make it ONE story. You might remember this friend of mine from the hotel story… and he will feature in more true stories here on my blog in future.

Continued from… Katie & Steve ( 18 )

Katie slowly woke up from a deep sleep. It was dark. She reached for the light on her night stand, but it was not there. One by one her brain processed what her senses sent through to it. The sheets beneath her did not feel like the sheet she had on her own bed. The sounds coming from outside were unfamiliar. She could not see the faint light behind the curtains that she normally saw when she lay on her left side. Ever so slowly she remembered where she was. And as she did, she became aware of Steve’s steady breathing behind her. He was still fast asleep.

She could not remember how she got into Steve’s bed, but she remembered all that happened before she fell asleep. There, in the middle of the night, in the bed of this dominant man, she felt a twitch between her legs. Thinking about all the events that led up to the group fuck had her juices flowing again. She turned her head to listen to Steve’s breathing. He was still sleeping. Slowly, as not to wake him, she turned on her back, spread her legs and touched her wet pussy. She almost moaned loudly when she pushed her fingers into her wetness. In and out she moved her fingers, up to her clitoris and back into the fluids that richly formed between her legs.

Absentmindedly her other hand moved to Steve’s crotch. Somewhere in the back of her mind she registered that he had a hardon, despite the fact that he was sleeping. Katie had not noticed the change in Steve’s breathing. All her attention was fixed on her own horniness. Trying to be very quiet, she fingered herself and rubbed her clitoris. The feeling of Steve’s hard cock in her other hand enhanced the intensity of her longing. Her oncoming climax announced itself as it tightened the muscles in her thighs and stomach. She gasped inaudibly as her silent orgasm rushed through her cunt, leaving her wetter than she already was.

As her breathing returned back to normal, Katie listened. Steve was still sleeping. His breathing sounded the same as it had when she woke up. Apparently he had not noticed that she was awake, nor that she had brought herself to orgasm. Katie still felt very horny, but she did not dare to touch herself again for fear of waking Steve. She had no idea what time it was, but she knew that she would not be able to sleep until she had fed the horny beast inside her. For a couple of minutes more she lay listening to the sound of Steve’s breathing next to her. It took some effort for her to move her hand from his crotch. Somehow, even though she knew this was not true, she had the feeling that her every move was being watched. Intentionally she brushed her clitoris, feeling little electric shocks running through her body. Damn, Katie thought, I really need to take care of this longing. I need to cum hard.

Katie turned on her left side and slowly eased herself forward until she felt the edge of the bed. In slow motion she swung her feet over the side of the bed. In the same slow movement she pushed the covers from her body and then pushed herself up into a sitting position. Turning her head she now saw a faint line of light on the floor. That must be the door, she thought. Hoping that she would not stumble over anything lying on the floor, she slowly raised her ass from the bed, not wanting any sudden movement to wake Steve. Her legs were not even stretched fully when her body went cold with fear.

“Where do you think you are going, slut?” Steve spoke as he grabbed her wrist and harshly pulled her back onto the bed.

To be continued… Katie & Steve (20)

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