Jumpy punishment

Four days before we were to have a sexy meeting with another couple – Dena and her husband, Master R. – I was feeling nervous and excited. I was squealing and giggling and literally jumping with excitement. And nerves. I really do not know what the feeling was dominant, but looking back on my behaviour, I know I was defiant.

I sat on the couch and had several moments that I just could not contain my excitement. Master T.’S remarks were not helping to calm me.

“Mmm I wonder if you will still be clothed at 2 o’clock on Saturday afternoon.”
I just grinned and squealed.
“I wonder how you will feel after a couple of hours,” He continued.
I giggled and told Him that He should stop with His remarks as He was making me more nervous than I already was.
“Mmm how many hands will you feel on your body on Saturday,” was His next remark.

I jumped up, giggling, stood in front of Him where He sat in His recliner and bent forward to kiss Him.
“Mmmmm,” I heard as I kissed Him. A bubbly feeling started in the pit of my stomach and before I knew it had me laughing and talking funny. I did not think about what I was doing but just did it. Laughing I spoke and as I did, I poked Him in His crotch, over and over again.
“You. Should. Stop. Talking.”
I saw His serious face. That made me laugh even more. I poked Him again.
“You. Should. Not. Say. Things. Like. That.”
He still did not laugh. I realized that I should stop.

“Okay, I will stop and go upstairs,” I giggled and kissed Him again. For a moment I considered poking Him again, but then I just squealed and went upstairs.

About half an hour later we were in bed next to each other. His arm was around me and my head was resting on His shoulder. The bubbly feeling started all over again. I opened my eyes and saw His beard in front of me. He keeps it short, but I sometimes manage to pull some of the hairs. I grinned and started pulling the hairs, saying silly things. It took only a couple of seconds for Him to react.

“I want you to put your plug in. Now.”
I looked at Him in surprise, thinking that He was just pulling my leg. His face was very serious.

I bit my lower lip as I turned away from Him. I had to try really hard not to laugh. I still thought that He was just joking around.
“And I don’t mean the medium plug. The big one,” He spoke behind me.
From his voice I suddenly knew He was deadly serious. I quickly got the plug, lay down on the bed with my back turned to Him and reached for the lubricant. He waited until the large Njoy plug was inserted some time later before He spoke again.

“And now go to sleep. This might just help you to calm down and remember your place.”

I had to work the next day. I did not sleep well at all. I cannot sleep on my back, so had to turn on my side. And laying on my side with the heavy plug in me, proved to be difficult. It weighted down and felt uncomfortable. And with each movement that I made, the plug moved inside me too. I was very tired when I got up to go to work the next morning, but I was calm. And somehow I remained calm until the morning of our meeting. Yes, I was still feeling nervous, but the jumpiness was gone. I was amazed at how calm the punishment made me feel. Somehow it helped me to focus.

It was only on the morning of the meeting that I felt the jumpiness return, but not nearly as bad as it was earlier in the week. I was much more focused than I would have been if Master T. had not punished me.

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