Chocolate Treat (2/3)

Continued from… Chocolate Treat (1/3)

Rebel closed her eyes again. Her legs were rinsed of the foam and then she sensed the two next to her. Soon their hands were on her upper body, carefully avoiding her breasts. Her nipples were still standing proud, her pussy was still wet. Rebel tried to calm her breathing. She hoped that the two people next to her would not see her excitement. Just as she thought she might have it under control, her upper body was rinsed with warm water. Two hands moved over her body, rinsing the foam off and at the same time gently rubbing her erect nipples, lingering there just longer than for it to be accidental. Rebel opened her eyes and instantly saw the two smiles above her. She smiled back.

“It’s now time for us to put the wrapping mixture on you,” the woman said in a matter-of-fact voice. Rebel thought that it all must have been her imagination. There was nothing sexy going on. To the man and the woman, this was all about work. Rebel followed them back into the cubicle where her towel and bathrobe hung on a hook on the wall. She was asked to sit down on the bed. Again the woman and the man stood on opposite sides of the bed. First Rebel’s legs were covered in a deliciously smelling chocolate wrapping. Apparently this wrapping was to make one’s skin firmer. Rebel did not believe that it would help after only one treatment, but she was here to relax so did not really care whether the mixture would worked or not. Both the man and the woman stopped applying the mixture about ten centimeters below her crotch. Rebel frowned at this, as only minutes before her crotch was touched. She did not understand why the wrapping was not applied all the way to top of her legs.

After her legs, the chocolate mixture was rubbed onto her back. Once this was done, her arms were next. She was asked to lie down onto the plastic that was covering the bed. Before her body was touched again, the woman spoke.

“Would you like us to cover your breasts with this mixture, or would you prefer us not to?” she asked.

“You can cover everything,” Rebel said with a smile.

“Are you sure about that?” the young woman spoke again.

“Oh yes, I am,” Rebel said.

A good amount of the chocolate mixture was poured onto Rebel’s stomach. The bowl was put aside and four hands started to spread the chocolate everywhere… onto Rebel’s breasts, covering her erect nipples, onto her stomach, her upper legs and even her pussy was covered. The hands moved slow, sensually and erotically covering her body. Stimulating her senses, making her juices flow. Rebel’s breathing came in rapid bursts. She was very turned on and she knew that it could be seen. She did not care anymore. She ran her tongue along her lips, which were dry with excitement. Rebel smiled up at the woman and in her eyes lay approval as well as the question whether there would be more.

Abruptly the woman and the man stopped the movement of their hands and the caressing of Rebel’s body.

“We are going to cover your body now and then will leave you alone for about fifteen minutes before we will be back to rinse the chocolate off your body,” the woman explained. Rebel nodded.

Her body was wrapped in a thin layer of plastic and then a thicker layer. Ever so slowly the inner part of he bed was lowered into water, until Rebel could feel the warmth of the water in the bed covering her body. This did not help to cool her off at all. In fact, her horniness was fueled by the feeling the warm water spread through her body. And her thoughts did a great deal to keep her horny feelings alive, especially after the suggestive words of the woman when they left the cubicle.

“Enjoy some exciting thoughts while you relax.”

By the time the woman reappeared in the cubicle, Rebel knew her pussy was wet with the thoughts she had while lying wrapped up in the warmth. She had already decided that her next stop would be a restroom, to masturbate. She needed to get rid of some of this horniness before she could continue her relaxing day at the spa resort.

“How are you feeling?” the woman asked with a smile.

“Very hot,” Rebel replied in all honesty, but she thought that only she knew what she meant.

“The chocolate mixture can now be rinsed from your body. Do you prefer to do it yourself under the shower, or do you want us to wash you over here?”

Rebel was in no mood to do it herself and would much rather feel the hands of these two people on her body again. She told the woman she would prefer them to wash her.

“Then we will give you another treatment as a bonus,” the woman winked. She smiled and nodded at the man while the inner part of the bed was raised. They started to peel the plastic from Rebel’s body.

To be continued… Chocolate Treat (3/3)

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