Chocolate Treat (1/3)

She sat waiting on the beautiful leather couches for her name to be called. She was feeling lazy, but at the same time she was horny too. Rebel had been relaxing most of the morning, enjoying the warmth of the infrared sauna and swimming naked in the outside pool, while enjoying the heat of the sun on her body. When she arrived at the spa that morning, she had booked a special body treatment and now she was sitting in the waiting area, ready for it.

Her name had to be called twice before she heard it. Rebel got up and walked over to a beautiful dark haired woman who waited for her with a broad, friendly smile. They introduced each other, using their first names, and then the woman asked Rebel to follow her. They descended down a short flight of steps, rounded the corner in a corridor and walked towards the last door on the right at the end of the corridor. The woman held the door open for Rebel to enter. Rebel’s eyes were used to the bright light outside in the corridor. Inside the room Rebel had to give her eyes some time to adjust to the low lighting. She turned around, looking at the woman and waiting for her instructions. Rebel was led inside a square cubicle. To the right of the opening – there was no door – was a bed. The friendly woman showed her where she could hang her towel and bathrobe.

Rebel was naked. She turned around to follow the woman, but stopped instantly. Startled. A cold shiver ran down her spine and her eyes must have shown her shock. The woman started to apologize.

“Oh, I am so sorry. Did he startle you?” she asked, indicating the young man standing next to her.

Rebel only nodded, holding her hand against her chest, trying to calm down her rapidly beating heart. She indeed was startled when she turned around and saw a man standing right next to the woman.

“Do you mind him being here?” the woman spoke again, “he is an intern and is getting on the job training. If you mind, he will leave and I will do your treatment.

“Oh no,” Rebel said, “I don’t mind. I just did not know that anyone else was here too, that’s why I was startled. But I do not mind him staying.”

The woman led her to another cubicle where there were two beds next to each other. She asked Rebel to lie down on her stomach. As Rebel got onto the bed – which looked more like a massage table than a bed – the woman explained that the man would scrub Rebel’s body to rid it from all dead skin cells. In the meantime the woman would leave the room and prepare the wrapping that would be applied to my body later. Rebel positioned herself on the bed and waited for the man to begin the scrubbing. He started at her left foot and scrubbed her lower left leg. His touch was firm. He continued with her right foot and right lower leg. Then he moved on to her right thigh. Rebel winced when his hand came very close to her crotch. Did he do that on purpose or was this just as sign of his inexperience? She decided on the latter. When he was done with her right thigh, he moved around to her left and continued to scrub her left thigh. Again his fingers almost brushed her sex. Being horny as she was, Rebel felt some wetness forming between her legs. She desperately hoped that this young man could not see it.

Rebel heard the door to the room open and then the woman spoke.

“Continue with her back and work your way down,” she instructed the young man.

He started scrubbing her back in long strokes, starting at her shoulders and moving down to just above her buttocks.

“You should move down further,” Rebel heard the woman speak again, “wait, let me show you.”
The woman scrubbed Rebel’s back in one long stroke starting at her shoulder and ending at the bottom line of her buttocks. Her touch was just as firm as that of the man. Rebel enjoyed this firm treatment. Involuntarily she spread her legs some more. She did not see the smile the woman and man exchanged.

“You may turn over now,” the woman spoke, “then we can scrub your front.”

Rebel turned over onto her back. She positioned her head on the small pillow beneath it, found a comfortable position to lie in and closed her eyes, ready for the scrubbing to continue. Simultaneously the woman and man started to scrub her legs. Both had a very firm touch and both scrubbed starting at her ankles and ending high on her thigh. As their hands start to move down again, both of them ran one hand very close to her sex. Dammit, Rebel thought, that feels so good. The feeling and the thought caused her pussy to tingle. She sighed deep, trying to keep the excitement down. To her embarrassment she felt her nipples harden as the hands started to move up her legs again. This time the hands both touched her pussy. Audibly she breathed in and opened her eyes. She looked down a the two people, but neither of them were paying any attention to her.

To be continued… Chocolate Treat (2/3)

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