Challenging performances (3/3)

Recently I have told you about the challenge my husband has set me. If I wanted to have the large Njoy plug, I had to give three performances of at least 45 minutes each. Since He allowed me to choose the week in which I want to do it, nothing came from it. And I knew nothing would come from it if He did not set me a date. So I asked him. He told me to do it on three consecutive Sundays, starting on July 22 at the latest.

Continued from… Challenging performances (2/3)

Third & last performance: August 5
August 5 never happened. That was the Sunday in the first weekend of our vacation and both of us were totally exhausted. At first He postponed it to the Monday evening, but since the exhaustion was quite severe, Master T. decided that it would be better if I would do the last performance on August 12. We both needed a couple of days to unwind and relax.

On the evening of August 12 – also the evening of the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympics – I was ready to get the last performance over with. We went upstairs about half an hour after the closing ceremony started. In the bedroom Master T. switched the TV on so we could see some more of the ceremony. I went to the bathroom and when I returned, He went. In the meantime I dressed in a very short black nightie and my over the knees black velvet boots. On the bed was a chain of 2 meter long and a giant dildo. The dildo was the same length as my upper leg, or when I put it on my tummy it stretched from my pubic area to between my breasts.

When Master T. returned to the bedroom I was ready to start. I walked around in the bedroom, showing off my ass and my pussy, teasing Him by lifting the nightie and then dropping it in place again. He made a couple of photos, but was mainly watching me. By then the nightie was resting on my hips, but I needed to get out of it before I started using the chain. The links of the chain was cold against my body and the chain was actually too heavy to really handle it the way I wanted to. While I was busy, I thought I could better have used a boa, which of course I did not have. I posed with the chain as well as possible, allowing it to accentuate my breasts and then my pussy.

And all the while I found the TV to be distracting, but I bravely carried on…

I put the chain aside and reached for the dildo. I realized that my choice of toys for the evening might have been totally wrong, as the dildo was very heavy too and a bit difficult to handle. Again I posed with it, waiting for Master T. to make some photos and feeling myself getting more excited. But the TV was still to distracting. Afterwards I don’t know why I did not turn the sound down or just turned it off completely, as I have done in the past. The thought actually never crossed my mind.

I lay down on the bed, grabbed some lubricant and rubbed it on the dildo. I tried to hold it up while the rounded tip was against my pussy opening, but it was just too heavy. Putting it down and trying to position my body so I could fuck the dildo by moving my hips, was a bit of a challenge too. Apparently Master T. liked what he saw, because He stood up and came closer to make some more photos. I knew that there was no way in which I was going to get the dildo deeper into my pussy. It was just too huge.

I pushed the dildo aside, got off the bed and kneeled in front of Master T. My legs were spread wide. I smiled at Him. I was horny and I wished that the performance was to an end so He could fuck me. In answer to my question He told me that I had five more minutes before I would be done. And he added that I was wasting time by just sitting in front of Him. I teasingly kissed and sucked His cock and then lay back down on the bed again. My legs were spread wide and my fingers were moving over my clitoris. I was horny – very horny – but up to then I had not have one orgasm. Yes, the TV was still too distracting.

“The performer is inviting the public to join,” I smiled at Master T., not knowing how He would react. He stood up, walked around the bed and lay down beside me. And just watched me.
“The public is watching the performance,” He said.
I closed my eyes and concentrated. I wanted to treat Him to at least one orgasm. I could not. It must have taken the better part of ten minutes and for Him to unexpectedly slip a finger in my ass before at last I had an orgasm – a huge one.

About ten minutes after that I lay back against the pillow, my tummy filled with His semen. I could not help myself. I rolled over towards Him with a huge smile on my face and said: “The large Njoy plug is MINE!!!”

He agreed.

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13 thoughts on “Challenging performances (3/3)

  1. Great job completing your tasks! This post is very enlightening to those of us not in D/s relationships, but it’s also a reminder of what a wonderful erotic writer you are. This was so arousing to read!

  2. Oh Rebel,

    Your penultimate line was so cheeky, all I wanted to do was put two thumbs up to the laptop in agreement!

    I do so love reading about your honesty in submission..

    Pea ~x~

  3. Mine, my precious!

    Your delight at winning made me laugh.

    I loved the way you asked him to join you in such a respectful way that meant he was easily able to say no. Wonderful subby technique! I can be a bit bratty and need to learn some of your subtlety!

    1. *grins* I could not help but tell Him and giggle at the fact that I have done it, I have earned the plug!

      And believe me, I am not always that subtle… 😉

      Rebel xox

  4. HAHA! I love that you were so gleeful in your achievement! Well deserved with the TV being such a distraction. I have never had one in my bedroom. It’s a tech free zone – I’d get rid of the radio alarm if I could!!! 🙂

  5. Congrats on earning the Njoy. From what I read on peicesofjade, they are fun. I have been in those moments where I cannot orgasm & all it took was shutting the tv off.

    1. Thank you, they indeed are fun!
      And yes, the television has been very disturbing too in the past and then I have asked Him to switch it off. Only the fact that it as the end ceremony of the Olympics 2012 and that I wanted to see it too, stopped me from asking. Stupid, I know 😉

      Rebel xox

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