Challenging performances (2/3)

Recently I have told you about the challenge my husband has set me. If I wanted to have the large Njoy plug, I had to give three performances of at least 45 minutes each. Since He allowed me to choose the week in which I want to do it, nothing came from it. And I knew nothing would come from it if He did not set me a date. So I asked Him. He told me to do it on three consecutive Sundays, starting on July 22 at the latest.

Continued from… Challenging performances (1/3)

Second performance: July 29
On this day I was not as nervous about the fact that I had to perform than I was for the first performance. I had an idea what I wanted to do. I left quite a bit of it to be decided while I was busy, since I am very sensitive to Hubby’s reactions. If I had planned every step of the performance, I might have been thrown off-balance if I realized that He did not like it. Not planning every step, left room for improvisation.

Before Master T. came to the bedroom I prepared some things. I put the recliner closer to the bed so I would be able to walk around it. Again, just like with the first performance, I put the steel plug and my mini fairy under my pillow. I knew that I would use the steel plug this time, as I should bring in some kind of variation. Next I got dressed in a purple nightie and the same over-the-knee boots that I wore for the first performance. I chose not to wear any panties as the nightie was long enough to conceal my nakedness and keep it as a surprise.

Master T. entered the room and I asked Him to sit in the recliner. I was still sitting on the side of the bed, but as soon as He was seated I stood up and walked towards the other side of the room so He could see what I was wearing. I stood with my back towards Him, moving my hips a bit, spreading my legs and waited when He snapped some photos. I turned around to show Him the front, also waiting for Him to snap photos. Ever so slowly I revealed that I was not wearing any panties. From the amount of photos He made, I understood that He liked what I showed Him.

I walked towards Him, gave Him a kiss and then walked around Him, my hand on His shoulder. I pushed my hand down His chest and stopped once I touched His hard member. He was excited and feeling His excitement, excited me. I paid some special attention to His penis, then moved on. On the bed I spread my legs wide and stroke my pussy. But I was not on the bed for long. I got up and with my back to Him, I straddled the cast iron foot board of our bed. I knew how much Master T. liked this in the past and with the almost continuing snapping of the camera I realized that He still liked it. Soon I turned around and lowered my pussy over the knob on the sides of the foot board.

Master T. stopped making photos. I moved towards Him and He was looking really strict. At that moment I faltered. Was He still happy with what I was doing or was I making a huge mess of it. I bent down and kissed Him. It was such an erotic and sensual kiss. I felt the twitching between my legs and hated to break it off. His hands were on the armrests of the recliner. I pulled them towards my breasts, pushing the material down and offering my nipples to Him. He rolled them between His fingers, hurting me.

It was time for the next phase. I pulled the butt plug out from under my pillow and grabbed the small bottle of lubricant. First I ran the plug through my wetness. The camera clicked. Turning around, my back towards Him, I put some lubricant on the plug and then pressed it against my back opening. The camera clicked. Ever so slowly I started to push it in, slowly fucking my ass in the process. It took quite a while before the plug was inside me and by then my pussy was dripping wet.

From here things get hazy again. One thing that stands out clearly though is me straddling the foot board of the bed again, with my back turned towards Him and the sound of the camera. I also had my back to Him while I slowly allowed the knob of the bed to slip onto my pussy. I literally fucked the bed. I also remember crouching in front of Him, my legs spread wide, His cock in my mouth and the delicious feeling of my full ass. And I was on my back on the bed, my legs high in the air and spreading my buttocks for Him to see and also arching my back, my feet on the bed and pushing against the plug inside me, allowing it to ‘fuck’ me.

In between I played with myself and allowed Master T. a clear view on my pussy when I climaxed. By the time the 45 minutes were done, I was begging Him to fuck me. I was so very horny and desperately in need of a releasing orgasm. He lay down on the bed and I straddled Him. The plug was still in my ass, making my pussy feel even tighter. My hand was on my clitoris. I craved the orgasm, but before I could have one, Master T. climaxed. I lay down next to Him and rubbed my clitoris, while He pushed against the plug. My orgasm was close, but not close enough. After several minutes, I gave up, realizing that it was not going to happen.

The second performance went rather well. Only one more to go and I could order the large Njoy plug!

To be continued… Challenging performances (3/3)

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    1. Thanks luv. I think if I ever have to do a performance again, I will be nervous again, but I will think back on these three performances and His reaction to it and it might make me less nervous then.

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