Challenging performances (1/3)

Recently I have told you about the challenge my husband had set me. If I wanted to have the large Njoy plug, I had to do three performances of at least 45 minutes each. Since He allowed me to choose the week in which I want to do it, nothing came from it. And I knew nothing would come from it if He did not set me a date. So I asked Him. He told me to do it on three consecutive Sundays, starting on July 22 at the latest.

First performance: July 22
I was deadly nervous for the performance, even to the point where I felt tears stinging my eyes. Just before we went upstairs, my Husband asked me whether I was ready for my performance. I admitted that I had no idea what He expected of me and that I was afraid that I might fail this challenge.

“You must have given this some thought over the last couple of weeks, or not?” He asked.
“Of course I have given it some thought, but still I do not know what you want to see. I don’t think I can do it,” I admitted.
“I think you should just do it,” He said.
“I can also say that I don’t want the plug anymore and then just don’t do this,” I suggested.
“Yes,” He agreed, “you can do that.”
A surge of relief went through me. But it was gone instantly when I heard His next words.
“And then I will make this a task, which means no matter what, you will perform for me.”

I sulked. Literally sulked. I think my bottom lip might even have curled a bit. He ordered me to get on my knees on the floor next to His chair. He told me how He loved the expression on my face, the look in my eyes. I had no idea what it looked like. Fear? Doubt? Resolve? In the bedroom He said it again and He added that others are going to enjoy my performances too.
“I am not going to perform for anyone else but you,” I snapped.
“You will do what I tell you to do!”

I went to the bathroom first. While He was in the bathroom I took my nightie off and put on a bright green nighty, green thong and my black over-the-knee boots. I put my mini fairy and one of my steel plugs under my pillow and then I waited. I had no idea how I was even going to start. I had no idea whether I would be able to do what I had to do, let alone let it last for 45 minutes.

The first sound I heard when He re-entered the bedroom was “mmmm” and then “that looks good”. I blushed. He sat down in His recliner, but I asked Him to sit in the other one, which was facing my side of the bed, where I was sitting.
“I am not going to make photos,” He said, “as I think it will be distracting.”
“I disagree,” I said. At the same moment I got up to walk to the other side of the bed. He stood up to get the camera from the drawer, but had to put it down immediately as I backed up to stand right in front of Him. I pressed my back against his body and twisted my body, moving up and down against Him. I felt so very uncomfortable and was happy that I could not see myself in the mirror on our closet, as I am sure that I would have found myself to look ridiculous and that I would not have had the courage to continue. What did give me the courage to carry on though, was feeling His hardon pressing against my back. I put my hands on His thighs, holding on as I twisted and twirled against his body. At one moment I turned around and made the same up and down movements. Then we kissed. Passionately.

I felt in control of the performance now. I moved away from Him, my back once again turned to Him and bent over while I slowly started to pull my thong down. I heard the camera behind me. He was making photos and in a way this encouraged me to make a proper show of it. Or rather, what I thought was a proper show. Very slowly I pulled my thong down, stopping at times and pretending to pull it up again. The camera clicked behind me, several times even. When it felt right, I turned around and pulled the thong all the way to my ankles. I played with the hem of the bright green nightie I was wearing, showing Him my pussy and then hiding it again. The camera clicked.

I turned around and bent over. My hands were on my buttocks, kneeding them, pulling them. And all the while I heard the camera. The camera more or less became a cue for me. When He stopped clicking, I continued with what I was doing, but not for long. Then I went on to the next ‘step’. I walked over to Him and straddled His legs. I was still playing with the hem of the nightie and the camera had some more work to do. Then I turned around and rubbed my naked pussy against His hardon, which was still in His underpants. I loved to feel it rub against me. I stood up again, turned around facing Him and then continued to undress myself. When the nightie was around my waist, I bent forward and we kissed again.

My pussy was spread wide and very available for Him to touch when I put my foot on the arm rest of the recliner. He only watched and maybe even made photos, I cannot remember. I played with myself and brought myself to orgasm. This was allowed during the performance. Next I kneeled in front of Him, uncovered His penis and sucked Him. Teasingly I licked the tip of his cock and then flicked my tongue over His frenulum. The camera clicked. I stood up and bent over Him. I offered Him my breasts to suck on. He did not only suck them, but bit my nipples too.

“The public is thoroughly enjoying your performance,” He said and I smiled. I was actually enjoying it too and the nerves I felt before I started, was totally gone.

I moved away from Him towards the stool in front of my dressing table. This was right across from where He was sitting, about three meters away from me. I spread my legs wide and played with my pussy, bringing myself to another orgasm. I got rid of the nightie, throwing it towards Him and feeling like a professional performer when doing so. My confidence was definitely building. Until I sat down on the bed and glanced at the clock. Only twenty minutes had pass and here I was thinking that I was close to completing the 45 minutes of the performance. I realized I had to slow down a bit. And I remembered that all holes had to be used.

I had already sucked Him, which counted for using my mouth. I have already brought myself to two orgasms and have clearly slipped my fingers into my wetness. That counted for hole number two. But my ass still needed attention. The plug was ready, but I wanted to see whether He would be satisfied if I used only my fingers. With my back turned to him I started playing with my ass. The camera clicked again behind me. I moved slowly, touching my asshole, moving my finger over it and around it. Ever so slowly I slipped only the tip of my finger into myself and then I spread my legs wide so He could see my hand on my clitoris too. This must have excited Him so much that He even stood up and walked closer to make better photos. I lowered my leg, rolled onto my back and brought myself to orgasm.

By then He was sitting again. I still had about 10 minutes which I had to fill. I kneeled in front of Him again and took His hard cock in my mouth again. This time I sucked Him quite a bit longer than the first time. I did not want Him to climax though, so stood up and offered Him my tits again. This time He sucked harder and bit me some more. I moved back to the bed and lay down on my back. My feet were still on the floor, my legs spread wide.
“Five minutes,” He said.
I took my time to bring myself to another orgasm, enjoying Him standing right in front of me and making some more photos. I was relieved when the time was up and suddenly shy when I heard His words.
“You are a natural talent.”
I think He is biased.

To be continued… Challenging performances (2/3)

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