Anal stretching

My nipples hurt. The clamps have been on them for quite some time and I could still feel the aftermath of it. My labia hurt. Those too felt the bite of the clamps for quite some time before Master T. decided to remove them. I was a mess. A subby mess. I floated between feeling the pain and not feeling the pain. Each time I surfaced from the floaty feeling I wanted the pain to stop, only to surrender myself to the wonderful pain again.

“Turn over,” Master T. commanded.
I knew what that meant. Mostly when I lie on my stomach, it means my ass will get some very special attention. I still am quite the anal slut, loving the stimulation and the intense orgasms I get from it.

I turned over onto my stomach. I sighed when I felt His loving touch on my buttocks. Stroking them, pulling them apart. I relaxed, waited. He touched me softly for quite some time, making me relax even more. I was ready to be entered. Aching for it. I sighed when at last He reached for the lubricant. I knew what would come and felt content when indeed the cold lubricant was poured between my buttocks. Master T. spread it out, poured some more and then put the bottle away.

I felt His hands running up and down between my buttocks, spreading the fluids out and making sure that my asshole was well lubed. I relaxed. I actually felt myself opening up under His touch. It was as if my ass was inviting Him in. I felt the wetness building in my pussy as the anticipation built. When will He push the first finger inside me? I knew that soon I would want a second finger. I just loved to feel my ass being filled up.

Unexpectedly three fingers entered me. In milliseconds several things happened. I felt my nipples going rock hard. A thrill ran through my body. My ass opened up to receive His fingers. It felt so good. And then my mind took over. How many fingers were there? It’s not only one… can I handle this? I did not want it to happen but I felt my ass muscles tightening around His fingers, trying to push them out. It hurt and I flinched away from Him.

“Oh no, no, no,” I said, trying to get away.
“Stay still,” He commanded with a very strict voice. I instantly knew that He too had felt the initial acceptance of His fingers.
I tried to stay still. His fingers were still in my ass.
“Please,” I begged and once again He commanded me to just stay still and relax.
I breathed in deeply. I knew He was right. I concentrated on my breathing.
In. Out. In. Out.

Ever so slowly I felt my muscles relaxing. The pain disappeared. There was still some discomfort, but soon that started to disappear too. I felt disappointed when He removed all but one finger. Suddenly I felt empty. Until He started moving the finger in and out, making me relax even more. The one finger was joined by a second and while doing so, He did not stop His pumping action. My pussy was dripping wet, begging to be touched. A third finger was added. I pressed my ass against His hand, trying to open myself for Him even more.

The moment He slipped a fourth finger into me, I could not hold it any longer. My fingers were on my clitoris, feeling my wetness. I did not even ask for permission, I just started rubbing myself. I was so wet, deliciously wet. It did not take long before I asked for permission to climax. If Master T. would have refused it, I would have climaxed without permission. I was just too close to stop it. Almost at the same moment that He said, “cum for me, slut”, my orgasm ripped through my body.

I moaned as He pulled His fingers out of me, one by one. Moaned because everything was sensitive to the touch and moaned because I felt empty.

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20 thoughts on “Anal stretching

  1. Oh I love anal so much too. I have taken a fist and the first time that happened it was just an amazing feeling. Love how you have written this, so simple and yet so deep.

    ~Mia~ xx

    1. I would love to eventually be able to take a fist too, but it’s a long way still before I will be able to.
      Thanks for your nice compliment on my writing ๐Ÿ˜€
      Rebel xox

  2. Oh Rebel..

    You’ve made me realise how I ache for the same thing & just how long it’s been since experiencing anal.

    I love the connection you have together. The unfounding trust.

    I must read more of your journey..

    Pea ~x~

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