30 Days of Submission: Day 17

Continued from… Day 16

What does trust mean to you in the context of submission?

I think trust is one of the basic pillars in a D/s relationship.

There is no way I would be able to submit myself to someone I do not trust. I don’t think that any woman in her right mind would submit to any man if she does not trust him. Or differently said, to include everyone: no one person should ever submit to another person if there is not basic trust. That would just be plain stupid.

A submissive must be able to trust the dominant fully.

A dominant must be able to trust the submissive fully.

I trust Master T. fully. I know that He will always be there to keep me safe, even though He is the one holding the flogger or the cane or putting those clamps on my nipples. I know that He always has my wellbeing as one of His highest priorities. Even if He should expect of me to submit myself to another man or woman in the same room as us, I know that He will be there to keep control of the situation and to keep me safe. I have a blind faith in Him.

Trust works both ways. Master T. also trusts me. He knows that I will be honest – that I will tell Him how I feel, that I will give Him feedback during a session so He knows how much more I can take. He knows that I will use my safe word if things get too much, but He also knows that I will never use my safe word unnecessarily.

It is not only in our D/s relationship that trust plays a big role. In our marriage trust is very important too. Neither of us are jealous people – we see it as a waste of time and energy to be jealous. But we trust each other fully, are honest towards each other, love each other deeply and build upon that every day. When you trust one another you are able to be strong, even when you share your weakest moments with each other.

Trust between partners gives comfort and a safe place, no matter in what kind of relationship you are involved in.

To be continued… Day 18

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