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Back in April I ordered some items from EdenFantasys, an online sexshop that does not only sell sex toys, but also sexy lingerie, beauty and body products and books. They frequently have special offers, so it’s really worth your time to check their site! Apart from their sex toys site, they also have the Sexis magazine, the EdenCafe and the EdenClubs.

I have blogged about EdenFantasys before and also mentioned that they have decided to stop with the bloggers programme. Just recently I have been informed that they have restarted this program.

I wanted to get back into it and what better way there is than blogging about items I have bought from them, such as the Mini Magic Wand. At the time of writing this, this product was out of stock, but you can set a product alert and EdenFantasys will send you an email when it is back in stock, or when similar items are added to their sexshop.

The Mini Magic Wand in my hand

The Mini Magic Wand is made of a combination of plastic (body) and silicon (head). The safety features are described as: food-grade material, hypo-allergenic, latex free, non-porous and phthalates free . My hands are not big and on the photo to the right, you can see that the wand really is a mini – not even 16cm long (6.25 inches). I love how it fit in my hands and how easy it is to hold during play.

It has 6 vibrating settings:

  • steady low
  • steady medium
  • steady high
  • a high short pulse followed by a high long pulse
  • a series of pulses that go from low to high and then starting at low again after a short pause
  • vibrations that escalate from low to medium, pauses, then some medium pulses, then escalating from medium to high and then two high pulses.

A single button controls these six settings. If you use the first setting and you want to turn it off, you have to push the button to go through the rest of the settings before you get to the off setting. At first, before I used it the first time I thought this would be irritating, that it would have been better if there was a single ‘off’ button on it too, but during use I did not mind having to go through all the settings to turn it off.

Pouch, wand and charger

The wand is rechargeable. It has a really cool USB charger. I just plugged it into my laptop and lay it on the couch next to me, in the white storage pouch that came with it. I even charged it with the kids in the same room as me! While you charge the mini wand, you can also us the other ports on the charger to charge your Ipod or your cell phone.

The smooth round head of the mini wand has a soft velvety touch to it. The diameter of the head is just under 3cm (1 1/8″). The accordion-style neck allows the head to move to the contours of your body. You can use a water-based lube with this toy, but just a dash of your own wetness is enough to make the head slip and slide over your sensitive spots.

Using the wand

I tried all the settings on the mini wand, but found that when I am close to an orgasm, the ‘steady high’ setting is the one I like best. However, when I wanted to prolong an orgasm, I loved the pulsing settings. The first two settings – steady low and steady medium – were the two I used less of all. And this Mini Magic Wand quickly started to become my favorite toy during the ‘100 orgasms in 10-days‘ task that my Husband had for me. Also, it has become a constant companion in my bag and it might just be used on those days when I am horny and stuck in a traffic jam!

A close-up

Before I purchased this toy, I did some research. I was looking for a bullet vibrator that had enough power to bring me to orgasm, but that was small enough so I could discreetly take it with me. I found a bullet vibrator, which I purchased at the same time as the Mini Magic Wand. While researching bullet vibrators I came across the mini wand and since I could not choose between it and the bullet vibrator, I bought both. The bullet vibrator did not live up to expectations, but the mini wand did. On EdenFantasys it is rated to have 4 vrooms, which is explained to be “strong and easily felt vibrations that powerfully stimulate but are not earth-shaking“. The noise level is described to be “moderate noise level, similar to a small appliance, can be heard through covers and probably through a closed door“. I agree with the vrooms rating, but not with what is said about the noise level. I did not find this toy to be that noisy. The strength of the vibrations was satisfying to me too, as I either used it to enhance my excitement or to push me over the edge when I was close to an orgasm already.

The toy is easy to clean. The head can be cleaned under warm water with soap. Cleaning it shortly after use is probably the best. You don’t want anything to dry up between the ridges, although spraying it with a toy cleaner and using some toy wipes will ensure that your toy is nice and clean for the next use.

So what is my overall judgement of this toy?
I love gadgets and this is not only a sex toy, but a gadget too. I love the fact that I can charge it using a USB charger. My car radio has a USB port too, which means I can even charge it while I am driving. That is a win-win, especially since I want to use this to make driving from work to home more enjoyable too! This toy totally lived up to my expectations regarding the strength of the vibrations. It has helped me to enhance my excitement or to help me get to compulsory orgasms. And last but not least, I love the fact that this toy can discreetly go with me wherever I go. The cute little storage pouch is big enough for both the Mini Magic Wand and its charger.

Yes, this definitely is one of my favorite toys! Interested in this toy? Rush over to EdenFantasys to either read more about it or to order it!

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store
Post sponsored by: EdenFantasys, a sex toystore.

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  4. Have been looking for something like this for some time and it looks like I don’t need to look anymore.Thanks again Marie.I can always rely on you.

    Lily xx

  5. Based on this review have just ordered one!!!!

    The Lelo Mia is still going strong but love the idea of an alternative!!!

    ~Mia~ xx

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