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A different kind of sexy story…

Several years ago I was offered the opportunity to go to Las Vegas for a 8-day trip. I was going there for a conference and all expenses would be paid by the company I worked for. The company owner was a man whom I have met on an erotic website where I used to post photos of myself. We went from online acquaintances to email buddies, to friends and then he offered me a job in his internet business, which I accepted. Many times he had told me that he would love to have sex with me, but I never felt the same about him. He was a dear friend, 20 years older than I was, married and there was a huge ocean between us. During our email exchanges we shared our fantasies, but never was he a character in one of mine. After about 2 or 3 years of friendship and working together for a year, this older man reacted like a jealous lover when I told him I was madly in love, so I started to withdraw from him. Eventually he agreed to only be friends and colleagues. Since I trusted that he would hold to this arrangement between us, I accepted his invitation and decided to join him for the conference in Las Vegas.

I was very excited about visiting Las Vegas and had only two wishes for my time there: to see the Strip and to go to a strip club. When we arrived in the hotel I was mildly surprised to find that my colleague and friend had arranged for adjoining rooms. The door between the rooms was open when we booked in and he offered that we could close it. But since I trusted him and felt he would keep to our arrangement, I said that the door could stay open. We even slept with the door open all the nights that we were there.

During the 8 days in Las Vegas, I saw a lot! Oh I still melt when thinking back to my time there, except for that one evening, which thankfully was our last one. On our last evening, at last I got to go to a strip club. By then I had already told my two friends – the older man and a man of roundabout my own age who was attending the conference too and was also a friend of this older man – that I wanted to go to a club where the ladies stripped down to naked. So we did. Once I was inside, I felt shy and self-conscious. I did not know how to behave. I wished that I could hide from the men. I wish that I was there alone. I even wished that I never entered the place. I knew that they would watch for my reaction, since I was the one who pushed and wanted to go to the strip club. So I watched the ladies and I smiled – at the ladies and at the two men with me.

We were watching the show on the main stage when two ladies (dressed only in thongs) walked over to the three of us. They wanted to know whether we were interested in a lap dance. I looked at them, confused. Me? One of the ladies were watching me closely. I thought – yes, I know, naive – that lap dances were only for men. But this one woman was asking me whether I was interested in a lap dance. I refused. The two men pushed and told me that it would be a nice experience. By now the sexy woman was holding my hand and sitting very close to me. She really wanted me to go with her. Before I could refuse again one of the men had paid for the lap dance. Soon I followed the woman to a curtain in the back wall. I sat down in a comfortable chair, behind a closed curtain in one of the numerous small rooms.

The dance started. Damn, now, years later, I can still recall how uncomfortable I felt back then. The woman tried to make me feel at ease by making small talk, but it did not put me at ease. I remember that she took my hands and put them on her hips. My hands remained on exactly the same place. I was too afraid to move them. She tried once to get me to move my hands upwards, towards her breasts, but I just could not. By the time the lap dance was over, the woman gave me a kiss on my cheek, told me I was sweet (I bet she said this to all her ‘customers’) and then took me by my hand and led me back to where the two men were waiting. Only then I heard that both of them had a lap dance too but they were done long before I was. Apparently the woman who did my lap dance, spoiled me a bit!

Even though I froze and felt uncomfortable during the lap dance and was relieved when it was done, I was horny after it. We stayed and watched some more shows before we went back to the hotel for drinks. The wetness between my legs had not disappeared. I was feeling very horny. But my horniness soon turned into tears…

We were full of laughs, having drinks together in our older friend’s room. I must admit that at that point, being as horny as I was, the younger man looked like quite a good option for some fun. However, he went back to his room after the first drink, to call his wife and get to bed, because he had to catch the early flight out of Las Vegas. The flights of my older friend and I only left late the next afternoon. Just after the married man had left, I wanted to go to bed, but the older man suddenly stood in front of me, blocking my way. He begged me to let him lick me. I said no. He told me that I would not have to do anything, all he wanted was to lick my pussy. Yes, he begged. I refused and I felt like a total ass for doing so. I felt so guilty. I felt as if I had led him on. As if I had to see this coming. He begged some more and then, apparently when he saw that I was getting more and more upset, he started apologizing. This made me feel even worse. I started crying. And I could not stop.

Only about three weeks later anger set it. Dammit, we agreed that it would always be only friendship, nothing more. We talked about it. He apologized again. I said it was okay. Months later when my relationship turned into a very serious one and he had another jealous fit, I started to withdraw from him even more. I quit the business. We still exchanged mails for some time, but intervals between mails got longer and longer until it stopped.

I still think about Las Vegas with mixed feelings. I think I will forever be crazily in love with the glamour and the constant excitement there. I hate the way the trip ended and that it caused a friendship to end, but what I regret the most is that I froze during the lap dance. I have a feeling that the dancer might have allowed me to touch her just a bit more than she would have allowed any man. And even if not… It’s still a damn sexy thought!

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17 thoughts on “Las Vegas Strip Club

  1. Thank you for sharing this experience so frankly. I would love to go to Vegas!

    I think that you and your man should make a trip there together and really enjoy Vegas as a couple. Think a lap dance then would take on a whole different perspective!!!

    ~Mia~ xx

  2. Thank you for sharing this. We’re sorry about the awkwardness that ended your trip (and your friendship). While we can see why your older friend desired you so, it was disrespectful of him to overstep his boundaries. We hope that you manage to get out to Vegas again, and that you enjoy every moment this time!

    1. I am definitely going to try to get to Vegas again, but might try to find a lap dance closer to home, as Muse suggested 😀

  3. Wow, the strip club sounds like an amazing experience. I had a friend who use to strip dance and she would come over and sometimes I received a lap dance from her. But when I went to see her work I felt shy and out of place with so many beautiful women around (and men curious as to why you want to watch women)

    I am sure the girl who gave you a lapdance enjoyed your cute shyness and preferred you over some of her grouping and demanding clients. And I bet she doesn’t call everyone sweet. Sounds like a compliment reserved for you!

    As for the older gentlemen, I am sorry he tried to push things. I am glad you had the power to say no.

  4. This is such an honest piece of writing, and I really appreciated the sharing (especially because I’m new round these parts and so really a stranger, but hey).

    I have to say that I have always wanted a lap dance. This story makes me wonder how I would react to one?

  5. I adore Vegas, the oldfashioned glam and feel in Fremont and the new fast-moving high-rolling glitz and neon on the Strip. I have not visited a strip club there yet, but that will definately be on the list next time.

    I do hope that you get a chance to visit Vegas again with Sir and to have a trip with a proper ending. I’m thinking he could come up with quite a few interesting tasks for you while there 😉

    xoxo Jana

    1. Oooh I still remember Fremont too. Almost loved that more than the Strip!

      And since you mentioned it… I definitely have to get Master T. to Vegas. Would love to see what kind of tasks He gives me when there 🙂

      Rebel xox

  6. I’ve never been to Vegas. That sounds like an awesome memory except for the awkwardness around your “friend.” I probably would have been that shy for the lap dance too, even with my orientation… there’s something about professional services I think 😉

    ~Kazi xxx

    1. Back then I was too afraid to show my bisexual side, afraid of “what people might think”. If I go back to Vegas, it will be different 🙂

      Rebel xox

  7. I went and spent 9 days in Vegas with Sir. It was the BEST trip I have ever taken. That place is mad and crazy and totally over the top and I loved every minute of it.

    As for the lap dance… I have found that in general they do let you touch them more then the men. One girl Sir bought me nearly climbed inside my dress with me. I can still remember her smell now. Grrrr


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