Katie & Steve #15

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A while ago my sexy male friend and I decided to write a story together. It was sparked after he (@maurelius1066) tweeted about a sexy secretary with a tight skirt who passed by his office and all the things he wanted to do with her. I started writing and he continued. The fun of this project was that we could not plan ahead what we would write, as we did not know where the other party would take the story. And of course the challenge was to keep the momentum in the story and to make it ONE story. You might remember this friend of mine from the hotel story… and he will feature in more true stories here on my blog in future.

Continued from… Katie & Steve (14)

Katie listened as Steve’s footsteps disappeared up the stairs. She felt a pang of disappointment, but it was immediately replaced by a mix of expectation and happiness. Moving her body slightly she felt the dried cum on her body pulling at her skin. She smiled as she thought about him fucking her. The combination of his fucking her and pulling her nipples had her very close to an orgasm and she was thankful when he pulled out of her. Feeling the jets of his cum hitting her body kept her lingering orgasm alive. His kiss almost sent her over the edge towards the orgasm, but he broke it off just in time. Katie was horny and she really wanted some release. Steve has awakened a hunger in her and she wanted her needs to be accommodated. The plug in her ass did not help to lessen any of the horniness she felt. Even though she felt comfortable in the swing, Katie hoped that Steve would not stay away for too long.

Upstairs Steve took a sip from his glass, looked at his phone and then made a decision. He scrolled through his contacts list and found the first number he was looking for. Without hesitation he tapped the number on the touch screen of his phone and then listened as the number was dialed. While waiting for the connection to be established, he looked down at his cock and smiled at the sight of the dried mix of juices on it. Katie’s cunt felt every bit as exquisite as he thought it would. He was so lost in his thoughts that the person on the other side had to call his name twice before he heard it. A short conversation followed. Steve smiled as he disconnected. That was the first one, he thought.

Again he scrolled through his contacts list and when he found the second number that he was looking for, he tapped on the screen again. This time his attention did not wander back to the woman that was at his mercy in his basement, but it stayed with the phone. Another conversation followed, but it was slightly longer than the first one. It still had the same effect on Steve as the first one. He was smiling again when he disconnected after the second conversation. Steve dropped his mobile phone on the couch next to him and absentmindedly stroked his cock with his one hand while he drank the last bit of his scotch. His loins stirred again. The knowledge of the hot woman waiting for him in the swing had him recovering sooner than he expected. It would not be long before he would be back to full strength and ready for more fun with Katie.

Steve got up from the couch and walked towards the front door. He ascertained himself that it was unlocked before he walked back towards the white door halfway along the hall. He left the door open and descended down the stairs.

Katie was happy to hear his footsteps again. She longed for his touch, longed for release. She had been clenching and releasing her ass muscles most of the time while Steve was away. How she wished he would take advantage of her and fuck her in every hole she had. This thought surprised her when she first had it. At first she had pushed it away, but the more she ran those words over and over in her mind, the more it excited her. The more she wanted it. The more she needed it. The music that was constantly playing now stopped. She sensed Steve next to her before she heard or felt him. He softly rolled her constantly erect nipples between his fingers, lightly pinching her. Katie flinched a bit when he lightly pinched the nipple that had the clamp on it earlier. It was a bit sore, but it was a kind of pain that she enjoyed. Never before today did she think she might enjoy the pain, but somehow her cunt reacted with abundant wetness when some pain was inflicted on her.

“I am going to have so much fun with you, Katie,” Steve whispered just before he kissed her again. His hands returned to her nipples. Katie moaned loudly when clamps were snapped onto both her erect nipples. Steve’s hand moved towards her pussy and found her overflowing wetness. She sighed against his mouth as his fingers moved into her. His thumb pressed down hard on her swollen clitoris. Katie moaned and tried to push against his fingers. She wanted to force him to bring her to orgasm. Disappointment set in when he stopped. No fingers were inside her anymore. No thumb on her clitoris. It took a couple of moments for her brain to register the sound of two sets of footsteps descending down the stairs into the basement.

It was almost impossible for Katie to tell who was now in the room with her. The new arrivals did not speak and she could not see them since she was still blindfolded. Devoid of any other input she was only aware that there were now four of them in the room. She felt shy and horribly exposed. She was aware that she was hanging naked in the swing, with the thighs spread wide, a plug in her ass and clamps on her nipples and she was being looked at by Steve and at least two other people. Katie sensed someone standing close to her. She jerked nervously when the person spoke. It was Steve.
“Katie,” he said, “I have invited a surprise along for you. You have been having so much fun with me today that I figured that you deserved a reward, and now you are going to get it.”
Katie was a bit confused but dared not ask any questions as it was clear from Steve’s words and his tone of voice that he was not asking her permission for what was going to happen, nor was he expecting her to do anything but comply with his instructions. She simply lay back and resigned herself to whatever Steve wanted.

Hanging in the swing Katie sensed Steve close to her again.
“You have been such a good little slut Katie, that now you are going to be rewarded. You will of course obey all my instructions, however, now you are free to cum as hard and as often as you wish, understand?”
“Yes sir,” Katie answered, and smiled as she was pleased with her new instructions.
With that Steve kissed her again deeply and allowed his tongue to explore her mouth as his fingers teased at her aching nipples and then moved further down to slide between her slick, hot, wet pussy lips. The sensation of pleasure that roared through her body was absolutely incredible, she was shaking all over and her skin felt as if it were on fire.

To be continued… Katie & Steve (16)

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