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Some months ago I won the Doc Johnson Twisted Hearts Vibe in an online competition. I have wanted to test this vibrator ever since I received it, but have not had the opportunity until one day that I was home alone. Please note that I have not been asked to review this product, but am doing so because I want to. The sites linked in this post are sites I found who either sell or have sold this toy.

The Doc Johnson Twisted Hearts Vibe has a different shape from any other vibrator that I have ever held in my hands. It is shaped… I guess the name says it already – in the form of a heart. It’s clearly not meant for penetration and when you read the short description that goes with it on the site of or on the site of this vibrator can also be used as a massage tool. I guess if you forget this on your bedside table and the kids see it, they will definitely buy it if you tell them it’s to massage your tense muscles.

That of course is not what I used it for…

What are the features of this sex toy?

  • It has a fun heart shape with nice fun colors;
  • It’s designed to compliment the body’s curves;
  • It’s made of opulent TPR;
  • It runs on two AAA batteries;
  • It has dual bullets for vibration;
  • It’s waterproof.

The white part of the vibe is the cover and the batteries should be inserted here. At the same time it’s the knob to turn when you want to start or quicken the vibrations. This part is made of hard plastic. The purple part is where the bullets are and where your enjoyment would come from. I pressed these parts against my body while the vibrations were at half speed. Those were not strong enough for me, so I turned them up to the highest speed. This I liked a lot more. I moved the two ball-like shapes against my wetness, touching my clitoris but also the entrance of my vagina. I tried to keep the balls in that position. When I pressed the ‘ball’ at the entrance of my vagina harder against my flesh, the ball at my clitoris moved away a bit and I could not feel the vibrations as strongly anymore. I chose to concentrate on my clitoris. This vibrator was definitely not for penetration. I moved the two balls over my clitoris, pressing harder and releasing the pressure to alternate between the feeling of the vibrations. I liked it when I pressed down harder. The vibrations were strong and enjoyable. Strong enough to bring me to orgasm.

Will I use this vibe a lot? No, I do not think so. This vibe is perfect for quick release, but not for lengthy play. I am simply thinking about myself when giving this opinion. This vibrator might be perfect for other women. I love clitoral stimulation, but mostly to get aroused or to complement penetration. And mostly when I want to complement any kind of penetration, I prefer to use my hands and not a vibe. However, I can see myself using the Doc Johnson Twisted Hearts Vibe under the shower!

The vibe is very easy to clean. I used luke warm water to clean it. But since it can be used in bath, I suppose it can be washed with water and soap too. On none of the sites that sell this toy, did I find a warning about not using soap with it.

And it seems there are more fun toys in the Doc Johnson range.

Happy toying!

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