Day 8 & 9: 10 days, 100 orgasms

Continued from: Day 7: 10 days, 100 orgasms

Day 8
After going to bed very late two nights in a row, I was tired and all I wanted to do was to get to bed. Apart from being tired, I was horny too. But sometimes when I am tired, the horniness just disappears. Once we both were on the bed, Master T. just looked at me. I knew what He was thinking and that if I would wait too long He would say it: you have a task to do.

I first got my mini fairy out and put it on the bed next to me, ready to use. There was football on tv and while I watched it, I lazily started to touch and play with my clitoris. I guess being horny helped, even though it did take quite a while before my first orgasm hit me. Then the second. And a third… up to the tenth orgasm. All orgasms were achieved, using my fingers. Somewhere while I was busy, He made a photo and posted it to twitter again.

After my tenth orgasms I grabbed the fairy, showed it to Master T. and said that I have not even used it. He told me to give myself a bonus. I switched the fairy on, held it to my clitoris and all to quickly I had my eleventh orgasm.

What happened after this… well it’s a bit blurred. I remember sucking Master T. Now you know when you lay next to each other in bed and then you bend forwards to suck your man? I was in this position, which had my back turned to Master T. He told me to move my ass towards Him and I felt His fingers on my clitoris. It was not in a very comfortable position so I turned around to give Him better access and to face him. My legs were spread wide and I continued sucking Him, noticing that I had less aching in my jaw and could take Him deeper.

At some point He slipped a finger (or maybe two) into my ass and His thumb into my pussy. My hand was back on my clitoris and my mouth was still around his cock. I sucked and came up for air and sucked and moaned and sucked some more. His was fingering my ass and fucking my pussy with His thumb. A huge orgasm took hold of me. I sat up, I stopped sucking and lay back. His finger was still in my ass. He bit my nipples. I moaned. We kissed. He moved His finger, which was still in my ass, causing me to moan some more. I thought about another huge orgasm, but did not know whether my body was capable of another.

I bent forward to continue sucking Him and I was fully prepared to swallow, but He wanted me to straddle Him. I did not complain…


Day 9
It was a messy evening. I did not get to do the things that I wanted to do, because of an unexpected visitor. We had a nice time laughing and talking and by the time the visitor left, I could not even remember what I wanted to do and even if I could remember, I was too tired to even start on it. I thought about the task I still had to perform, and had to admit that I was really tired and did not even know whether I would succeed. I much rather just wanted to go to sleep.

But like a good girl, I was waiting for Master T. to lie down next to me before I started. I immediately used the mini fairy, because I wanted my ten orgasms to be over as quickly as possible so I could go to sleep. But my body thought differently. Whether I used my hands or the fairy, I had to work hard for almost all the climaxes. My clitoris was sensitive, painfully so and my tiredness had caused all horniness to disappear. As I went along, Master T. spurred me on.

“One down, nine to go.”
“Two down, eight to go.”
“Three down, seven to go.”

“Seven down, three to go.”
“Eight down, two to go.”
“Nine down, one to go.”
“Ten down, none to go”

Only one more day remained of this task and with the light painful feeling around and under my clitoris, I looked forward to a couple of days rest. And this thought immediately made me wonder… will there be a couple of days rest?

To be continued… Day 10: 10 days, 100 orgasms

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