Day 7: 10 days, 100 orgasms

Continued from: Day 6: 10 days, 100 orgasms

It was close to midnight when I decided that it was time to start on day 7 of my task. I went upstairs and came back with the mini fairy.

I sat down on the floor at the feet of Master T. Supporting myself against the couch, I lifted my ass and pushed my legging halfway down my thighs. Master T. stopped what he was doing and watched me. Again my first and second orgasm took long, but the third followed shortly after the second. Master T. got busy with his telephone and I wondered whether he was going to make a photo. I asked Him and He told me that He was going to tweet about my task.

And while He was busy with that, I climaxed again. Number 4. By now I was using the mini fairy for orgasms, enjoying the steady vibrations against my swollen clitoris. Shortly after, my fifth orgasm was a fact too. Master T. did not agree with me. He never heard me say number 4. I told Him that I really had a fourth orgasm, but then I started to doubt it too. So orgasm number 5 became orgasm number 4, take 2. The fairy helped me to my next orgasm again and for the next one, number 6, I used my hands. With the next orgasm, I counted it as number 6 again. It was only when I had my seventh orgasm that I realized that I had said number 6 twice. Master T. apparently had not notice this either and instead of another discussion, I just carried on counting. In the meantime Master T. was making photos and video of me while I was busy.

I used my hands for orgasm number 8 and the fairy again for orgasm number 9. Number ten was a combination of the mini fairy and my hands again. I really hoped for another huge orgasm as I had the night before, but this time it escaped me again.

Master T. ordered me to stay where I was. He pushed my head back and I felt His hand on my cunt. My pussy lips and clitoris were swollen and I was wet. Very wet. When He pushed His fingers inside me, I could hear the sound of my own wetness. Within a couple of minutes I climaxed twice more.

I was on my back on the floor and had just pulled my pants up. I told Master T. that I had fourteen orgasms, instead of the ten that I should have had. That meant, I joked, that I should only have six on Day 8.
“No, since you had four too many, you will have fourteen again tomorrow night,” He said.
I did not know what to say.
“You had four orgasms that you should not have had,” He said, “so fourteen tomorrow, then ten the two remaining nights.”
I still did not know what to say.
“No, my love,” He laughed, “ten orgasms each for the next three nights.”

I sighed with relief. The ten orgasms a night have proven to be less easy than I thought, the more sensitive my clitoris became day after day. Thirty orgasms remained for this task, Master T. also gently reminded me.

To be continued… Day 8 & 9: 10 days, 100 orgasms

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