Day 10: 10 days, 100 orgasms

Continued from: Day 8 & 9: 10 days, 100 orgasms

Again I was very tired when at last we went to bed. It wasn’t even that late, but my energy was drained and I almost fell asleep waiting for Master T. to come to the bedroom.

“Last night,” He said as He lay down next to me.
“I know. Maybe I should just go to sleep,” I answered with a slight smile.
“I believe you have something to do.”
Damn, I love when he goes all ‘Dommy’ on me. I hear it in His voice. I see it on His face. And at the times when He looks at me, it is in His eyes too. At that moment I am totally unable not to obey.

I rolled on my back and let the sides of the gown I was wearing fall to the bed, revealing my naked body. My fingers found my waiting clitoris. It still felt a bit sensitive to the touch, still almost hurting. I moved my fingers down and was relieved to find a bit of wetness, even though I was tired and not feeling much excitement at that moment. I moved my fingers over my clitoris… up and down… from left to right… circling. I don’t know how long I have been busy, but I started to despair as I could not feel an orgasm building. Would this be the first time that I don’t succeed? This thought shot through my mind as I glanced at Master T. He kept His eyes fixed on the television.

“It’s not as easy as I thought,” I admitted.
“I know,” He smiled.
I reached over to my bedside table and found the fairy. I felt that I really needed some help. I would not be able to pull all orgasms off only with my fingers.

I cannot remember which orgasms were achieved with my hands and which with the fairy, but I do remember that I climaxed mostly by the feeling of the fairy teasing my clitoris.

Master T. cheered me on the same as the previous night, as I went along.
“Two down, eight to go… five down, five to go… seven down, three to go… you’re done. Now you can sleep.”

And I did, although I did not sleep well. And in those hours that I could not sleep, my thoughts went to the task of the past ten days. It was not my thoughts about the task that kept me awake though.

The task proved to be more difficult than I thought it would be when I first read about it in Master T.’s e-mail. I really thought it would be easy. Being able to climax over and over and over… well then this makes for an easy task, right?


Because I did not take into account that my soft bits might get a bit tender to the touch. And I did not take into account that I might be tired and only want to sleep. Also, I never thought that I might just not be in the mood to play with myself. The difficulty of bringing myself to orgasm while my entire body is screaming for Master T. to touch me… yes, that I have not considered either.

Master T. did. He thought about all these things and in the days of my task, teased me about it. Even on this last night. But I don’t mind, because no matter how difficult this was as times, I enjoyed this too. My days were filled with thoughts about my task. Most of all I am proud of the fact that I have had every orgasm that Master T. demanded of me. No punishment will follow, because Master T. has called me His ‘good girl”!

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