Customs officials (4/4)


Continued from… Customs officials (3/4)

“Pardon me, ma’am,” the man suddenly spoke, “but I believe your husband never allows you to climax without his permission?”
Rebel stayed still. She made no sound.
“I know you cannot answer me. This is how we are going to do it. You are allowed to climax, but for each orgasm you will get ten lashes with the flogger.”
He did not wait for any reaction from her. Immediately after his last word, the flogger touched her ass for the first time. Rebel listened to one of the men counting to ten. She whimpered with each lash of the flogger. After the ten lashes the vibrator – one of the three – was back in her cunt again, buzzing and moving in and out. Hurting her labia with its movement. Soon she orgasmed again. The flogger was back. Rebel totally lost count of how many times she orgasmed and received ten lashes from the flogger.

“Ten,” the man said and Rebel anticipated the vibrator in her pussy again. She screamed as she felt an intense pain between her legs. Before she realized that both the clover clamps had been removed in one smooth movement, a hard cock slowly entered her. Her inner folds felt sensitive after the onslaught of the different vibrators and the many orgasms she had. Her labia still hurt where the clamps had just been. The cock inside her was only gentle while the man was entering her. Once fully inside, he started to move quicker and soon he was slamming his cock hard into her. Rebel forgot about the pain and felt her own excitement building again. It was enhanced by the groans the man made. The walls of her cunt closed firmly around his erection as her orgasm hit her. The man pulled out instantly and just before she felt his hot semen on her buttocks, she heard the snapping of a condom being pulled off.

Rebel had no time to recover. The plug was slowly pulled from her ass. The man standing behind her pushed against her buttocks, keeping them wide apart. Rebel felt his hard cock pressing against her opening. She waited. She wanted this. Even though she had many orgasms, she was still horny. She wanted more climaxes. Slowly the cock moved into her ass, bit by bit, until it was completely buried inside her. He stayed still for a while and then slowly pulled out again. Rebel expected him to slowly move back in again, but just like the other man, there also suddenly was an urgency to the movements of this man. Without mercy he pounded into Rebel’s ass. Her ass hurt where the flogger had touched her earlier, but the more he pounded, the more Rebel wanted. Her nipples ached to be pulled and twisted. Her pussy was in need of another cock. The hurtful fucking of her ass was more than she could endure. Rebel climaxed again. Again she heard a snap and the warm cum of this man joined the almost dried-up cum of the first.

Rebel was left lying on the table. She heard some whispering, but could not make out any words. The whispering stopped and she felt some movement behind her again. The coldness of the lubricant being poured onto her asshole surprised her. Just like earlier she felt a plug pushing against her hole. This time it went in easier than the first time, even though Rebel immediately realized that it was the bigger of the two plugs. She felt fully filled once it was in place. What else did these men have in store for her?

She was surprised when she felt the slackening of the rope around her shoulders. She had burn marks on her arms and shoulders because of the friction of the rope against her skin while she was fucked. The cuffs around her ankles were undone and one of the men helped her to stand up. Her hands were still cuffed behind her back. Drool dripped onto her chest from behind the gag. Rebel was slowly turned around and pushed backwards towards the table. She sat down, her feet still resting on the floor. As she sat down, she felt the plug move inside her. The steel of the table felt cool against her flogged buttocks. A hand touched her right breast only seconds before another touched her left. Her nipples were pulled and rolled between fingers. She screamed behind the gag when both her nipples were simultaneously clamped with the clover clamps. She realized that both the custom officials were standing in front of her.

Again Rebel was helped to stand up. One of the men undid the cuffs behind her back. Another had a towel and was gently cleaning the drool from her chest, careful to avoid the clamps on her nipples. At the same time the gag was undone and take from her mouth. Her top was pulled back over her head and carefully slipped down over her clamped breasts. Her blazer was pulled up over her shoulders and she felt the man in front of her closing the only button of the blazer. The clamps hurt her nipples when she moved against the inside of her clothing. The man in front of her held her by her shoulders and pushed her backwards. Rebel felt a chair against the back of her knees. The gentle pressure of his hand on her shoulders guided her to sit down. Rebel flinched lightly when she felt the pressure of the plug in her ass.

There was some movement around her, then a kiss on each of her cheeks, two whispered “thank you’s” and the next thing she heard was the opening and closing of the door. It was very quiet in the room. Rebel felt slightly panicked, but only for a couple of moments. The blindfold was pulled from her eyes. She blinked a couple of times and saw her husband standing in front of her.
“Care to join me for a trip to New York, slut?” he smiled.
Rebel nodded and smiled back at him. Her hands moved towards her nipples.
“Those will stay on until we are in our hotel room,” he said, “the plug stays in too. I have some plans for you tonight.”

The two custom officials were nowhere to be seen. Rebel and her husband walked through the corridor and exited it through the door where they entered earlier. They were back in the buzz of traveling people. Rebel could not help to quickly glance over to the custom’s desk where they have checked in. The two men who just fucked her were back at their posts again. They paid no attention to anyone but the travelers in front of them. Rebel’s husband took her hand and they started walking towards the gate where they had to board their plane in just more than an hour. They sat down at a restaurant close to the gate for a cup of coffee. Rebel’s husband pushed a piece of paper across the table towards her. It was a handwritten note:

Thank you for a lovely lunch break!
Enjoy your trip!


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