Customs officials (3/4)


Continued from… Customs officials (2/4)

Rebel was pushed towards the shorter side of the steel table. Her hips touched the side, but the man behind her kept on pushing until her upper body were on the table. Rebel gasped as the cold steel touched her hard nipples. She fought against the grip of the man, but he held her down easily. She tried to move her legs, but his legs pinned her to the side of the table. Rebel pushed against the table, trying to move it forward, but it did not budge. She watched as the other man moved all her stuff to the other end of the table and then took the rope from the pile. He looped it through her arms and tied the ends of the rope to the legs of the far end of the table. The man behind her loosened his grip on her shoulders, but was still immobilizing her legs against the table.

Rebel started to talk. She begged them to let her go. She told them she would dump all the stuff right there and continue their trip without it. Soon her talking and pleading changed to mumbling when the ball gag was placed in her mouth. Rebel moved her head from side to side, but the gag was fastened behind her head easily. She felt the rope burning against her arms and shoulders as she struggled. Rebel tried to move her legs again. Suddenly she remembered that her husband was in the room too. She looked at him for help, but instantly realized that she was not going to get it. He was watching closely what happened and there was a look of approval in his eyes. He looked at her and the last she saw before the blindfold was put over her eyes, was a slight nod.

The man behind her moved away. Rebel immediately started to kick with her legs, trying to hurt one of them, but at the same time she knew that she will not be able to get out of the situation she was in. Moments later both her legs were secured. The custom officials had cuffed her ankles to the legs of the table.

It was silent around her. She moaned. Rebel tried to talk behind the gag, but only noises and moans could be heard. Drool from her mouth pooled on the table below her.
“Now we are ready for your punishment,” one of the officials spoke. It was the same man who had arrested her earlier. Rebel started doubting the authenticity of the arrest. She had always been like that: what she saw and what she was told, she believed. Until it was too late. Only then she would realize that she had been fooled. She suspected that this was another one of those situations.

Her thoughts were interrupted by two hands touching her ass, then moving over her back towards her shoulders and back down again. The hands did not move synchronous. She suspected that both men were touching her. Rebel felt her pussy going wetter and she blushed. How could she be excited under these circumstances? Then she remembered the nod from her husband just before the blindfold was put over her eyes. She decided to enjoy what was happening to her. If these men needed some distraction from their work, she would give them something to remember.

“Ah, I see the lady has made a decision,” the man spoke again. He had noticed the relaxing of her muscles.
Rebel stayed still, making no sound at all.
“Your husband was right, you really are a slut!” he said and smacked her ass hard. Rebel cried out in surprise.
“Indeed,” the man laughed, “that is not all he told us.”
Another smack, this time on her other ass cheek. Rebel moaned. Her ass burned. She felt the twitch of her wet pussy. Almost at the same time she felt something cold running down her ass crack. Lubricant!

Her buttocks were pulled apart and more lubricant were poured between them. A hand spread it over her asshole, slightly pushing against her opening. More lubricant were poured, more spreading, more pushing. Rebel knew what was coming and she wanted it. Underneath her she felt her nipples harden and behind the gag she begged for them to be touched. The men were only paying attention to her ass. Rebel felt a finger slipping inside and moaned. It felt so good. She moaned. Another finger joined the first one. As well as her restrictions allowed her, she pushed back against the fingers, wanting them to fuck her.

The cold steel of the butt plug surprised her. She felt the pressure against her hole and tried to relax. Not only did she know that she could take the plug in her ass, she also wanted it there. As it was slowly eased into her, she was relieved that the men had chosen to insert the smaller of the two plugs. As the steel disappeared into her, she felt some wetness against her thighs. Rebel did not know whether it came from her pussy or whether it was lubricant. She sighed when the plug was in place.

Rebel heard the men in front of her where the rest of the stuff from her backpack still lay on the table. She heard chains clattering on the steel table. Then she felt someone behind her. Fingers touched and pulled her labia. The first clamp bit down on her pussy lip. She moaned loudly and felt the second one being clipped on too. Thankfully the other clamps could not be put on her nipples, she thought, but she had always hated the ones on her labia more.

The buzzing of the vibrator could be heard before she felt it. It touched her wetness, making a sloshing sound. Her labia hurt as the vibrator moved in and out, but Rebel tried to ignore it. She blushed and moaned. She needed to feel the vibrator inside her. She needed to feel the pain. She needed to climax. All of this had been too much. She was a bundle of horny nerves and she needed her release. It did not take long to find it. Rebel grunted when her orgasm overwhelmed her.

To be continued… Customs officials (4/4)

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    1. Sometimes I wish Master T. would punish me more. But then again, when I am punished, I don’t like it. Double feelings… xox

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