Customs officials (2/4)

Continued from… Customs officials (1/4)

“Sir…” she started to talk to the official, but just then the door of the room opened and she shut her mouth again. Her husband entered and right behind him was the other customs official. Her husband was carrying a suitcase and the official had the backpack in his hand. The door of the room was closed and locked. The fact that it was being locked faintly registered in Rebel’s mind. Somehow she realized that it was odd, but she was too occupied with looking at her husband and trying to find some answers about what would happen to them. At least, she thought with relief, he was here with her now.

In stead of her husband sitting down next to her, the chair was pulled towards the wall next to the door. Her husband sat down. The custom official that entered the room with him, stayed by his side, standing in front of the closed door. The other official walked towards the two men at the door and some whispering followed. Rebel’s husband was blocked from her view. The two officials occasionally looked down at her husband but Rebel could not see or hear whether her husband was talking too. When she could see her husband again, there was nothing in his face that told her what the conversation was about or whether she should be worried. Her husband looked… relaxed.

The official that had been with her all the time sat down across from her. He looked at her, but not at her face. This time Rebel fully realized that he was looking at her breasts and when she looked down, she realized why. She moved her shoulders, trying to move the top back up over her aureoles, but she only managed to make the top slip down more. One of her nipples were now totally exposed.

“Aaah,” the man sighed. “It seems your husband were totally honest with us. You are quite the slut.”
Rebel’s head jerked in the direction of her husband, but the expression on his face did not change.
“I think it’s time that we explain the charges against you,” he said. This was the cue for the other customs official to put the backpack on the table. How she hated herself for impulsively grabbing the backpack at home just before they left for the airport.

Her face instantly turned read when the man started to unzip the top of the backpack. It was clear that it had been opened before, as the towel that she had neatly placed on top of everything was now folded in a different manner. The very same towel was pulled from the backpack and cast aside. The first thing the man took from the suitcase was a bright green colored nightie. He put it on the table in front of Rebel. Next followed the matching string. A set of leather wrist cuffs were put next to it. The leather ankle cuffs followed. Then the matching collar. Her collar.

Rebel could not bare to watch him anymore when he took the first vibrator from the backpack and put it on the green nightie. She turned her head away in shame. The man did not stop. When he put the backpack on the floor, two more vibrators, two sets of clover clamps, two different sizes of anal plugs, a flogger, a blindfold, a ball gag, rope, lubricant and some more sexy clothes had been added to the items on the table.

“Your husband has assured me,” the man across from Rebel started to talk again once he was seated again, “that he had no idea you were taking these things with you.”
Rebel nodded. That was true.
“Do you not think you should have discussed it with your husband before you take these kind of things on a trip with you?” the man asked.
Again all Rebel could do was to nod.
“You do understand that you are under arrest, don’t you?”
Suddenly Rebel remembered what he had said earlier.
“Yes, but,” she protested, “terrorism?”
She felt a bit of her fighting spirit returning and kept on talking.
“How can this…” she indicated the stuff on the table, using her head and eyes, “… be terrorism? Isn’t that a bit outrageous to think that we…”
“I said, sexual terrorism,” the man interrupted Rebel.

Rebel looked at him in confusion. Sexual terrorism? What the hell did he mean? There is no such…
“How do you think that a man must feel when he sees those kind of kinky things pop up on his screen during a long shift?” the man broke off her train of thought.
Rebel blushed and hung her head. Her eye caught her exposed nipple and she was surprised to see that it was fully erect. At that moment she realized that her panties were feeling damp too.
“Yes, ma’am, those are exciting things to see. It makes a man… er… long for specific things. That, dear lady,” he laughed, “is sexual terrorism.”

It was quiet for a while. Rebel slowly lifted her head and looked at the man.
“What will…?” she could not ask the question.
“What will happen next? Is that what you want to know, ma’am?”
Rebel nodded, blushing.
“You will be punished,” he said.
Her mouth dropped open with shock. She quickly closed it. Then looked at her husband. At the other man. To the man across her. Back to her husband. He nodded. Did she imagine it or was there a slight smile around his mouth?

She did not have time to wonder whether her husband smiled or not. The man who stood at the door moved in behind her and helped her to stand up. Her blazer was pulled from her shoulders and now hung around her wrists. Her top was pulled over her head and pulled down around her arms. Rebel tried to fight, but with her arms effectively cuffed and caught up in her own clothing, there was little that she could do. While the one man held onto her arms, the other undid her pants and pulled them down over her shoes. She tried to kick with her legs, to fight him, but somehow he managed to hold her down and undress her. Her damp panties were pulled down her legs and fell to the floor where her pants were lying too. Rebel was naked. She blushed as the man in front of her looked up and down her body, paying special attention to her smoothly shaved pussy.

To be continued… Customs officials (3/4)

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6 thoughts on “Customs officials (2/4)

  1. Heh… I too enjoy your Husband’s role in this. And it probably feels better knowing this has His “seal of approval” 😉

    ~Kazi xxx

  2. Loveing where you are taking this fantasy!
    you write in a way I see it in my head, and feel it in my pussy 😉
    I can totally picture your husband smiling..

    xoxo Jana

  3. What I love is the way that your husband plays such a small part in the writing, yet seems to be the strongest presence in the room. Cleverly done. I loved all the exchanged glances that said so much more than dialogue might have done. x

    1. I have not even realized that I have given Him such a small, yet strong role in this fantasy. But I guess it does portray the way I feel it should be: I need His approval for everything and what He desires of me, I will do. Thanks for pointing this out to me and am happy to know you enjoyed it 🙂 xox

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